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CyclOn Bionet Degreaser

CyclOn Bionet Degreaser
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3 / 5

Still, with some help, good results.

- H., 18 September, 2022

Chain cleaning must be helped with something like a brush. grease does not dissolve on its own by chain shaking in a container or jar. Reason for max 5 minutes in degreaser is ?

Pros & Cons

good price
satisfied with end result
Smells good
greasiness does not dissolve easily.
Shaking chain in container is not enough.
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3 / 5

Reasonable product. When it runs out I will still try another product first for comparison.

- P.S., 28 April, 2022

Works reasonably well. But for a non-dirty cassette, it only worked well when I used it undiluted. For a biodegradable product, I am disappointed that it hits your throat so much. I used it outside and inside with the outside door open. So that's not the reason. As a result, not as nice to use as expected. First I used it diluted like it says on the instructions. But then it does not work as well as expected.

Pros & Cons

Not much needed if you don't dilute
Reasonable price
Does not work as well diluted as expected
Strong smell that hits your throat
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3 / 5

Makes clean / but beware of side effects.

- Karsten, 12 April, 2022

Thought actually that is a biodegradable cleaner and quite harmless. But this is not so. Cleaning effect excellent (apply with toothbrush / then remove with rag) Absolutely use protective clothing (goggles and gloves)! Ingredients hazardous to water! Therefore, let as little as possible of it come into the environment!

Pros & Cons

Cleaning effect excellent
Quite aggressive. Follow safety data sheet
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3 / 5


- Ralph, 10 August, 2021

Reasonable. Foams a bit when cleaning. Morgan Blue is a better chain cleaner.

Pros & Cons

Not the best
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