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Trek Ion Pro RT / Flare RT

Trek Ion Pro RT / Flare RT
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Good until it bricked on a ride leaving me without a light in the dark

- Pedro, 16 November, 2023

The lights worked fine for 3 years, I was happy with them. Then while out on a ride at night I wanted to change the front lights mode and happened to double tap the power button while the light was on, same action usually used to turn it on, and it completely stopped working, just dead. It would not turn on again leaving me me in the dark without a front light. The Ion Pro RT is seemingly fully bricked, won't turn on or charge. I tried resetting it in various ways, holding the power button, nothing. I don't think I'll trust Bontrager lights again after this experience.

Pros & Cons

Metal build for front light
Nice while it works
Tooless install
Bricked by double tapping power button
Micro USB
Poor QA