Sidi Jarin MTB Shoes

Sidi Jarin MTB Shoes
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The Sidi Jarin mountain bike shoe is Sidi's top model. With the stiff full carbon sole you transfer the generated power directly to the pedal without flex so every pedal stroke gets transferred fully. On the top of the shoe you will find 2 dial systems. This is the Tecno-3 system from Sidi which allows you to easily adjust the shoe. The thread of this tecno-3 system is evenly pulled over the foot to prevent pressure points. To prevent slipping should you step off your bike, the sole of the Sidi Jarin is equipped with rubber elements to prevent slipping on wet and muddy terrain. It is possible for extra studs to be screwed on for even more grip, these can be ordered separately.

Are you looking for an extremely stiff mountain bike shoe that is easy to adjust and conforms to your high demands? Then the Sidi Jarin is the perfect shoe for you!


Soft instep 4 system
Anatomically shaped, comfortable strap on top of the foot combined with a soft and thermally shaped material. The belt distributes pressure evenly over the arch of the foot, can be adjusted on either side to achieve a perfectly centred position and is also replaceable.

Tecno-3 system
The new Tecno-3 mechanism allows you to close the shoe over its entire length, adapting it to the shape of your foot to provide an individual fit. The reliable and completely replaceable closure has been improved with a new thread which makes the system even faster and easier to adjust.

MTB SRS Carbon sole
The Sidi MTB SRS Carbon sole is strong and durable, increases performance levels and reduces weight. The MTB SRS Carbon sole has replaceable inserts on the toe and heel and can be attached to the sole of the shoe. In addition, it is equipped with an innovative replaceable plate, which prevents damage from contact between the sole and the pedal. The Ground MTB SRS inserts and the plate can easily be removed and replaced.

User tips

Detailed explanation of sizing in mm
In order to help you, as best we can, to choose the right size shoe we have measured all the shoes ourselves. All that's left for you to do is measure your own foot length, and we'll tell you which shoe size per brand suits you best. Does your foot length in mm not appear on the relevant product's page? Then that particular shoe is not available in a size that suits your foot length.

You can easily measure your foot length using an A4 sheet of paper, placed on the floor against a wall. Stand with one foot on the piece of paper, with your heel against the wall. Draw a line above your big toe (or above the index toe if that is longer). Now mark your other foot on the paper in the same way. Measure both - the measurement of your longest foot is your foot length in mm's! Please note: some manufacturers have their own measuring system, and as a result what appears on the shoebox can deviate from what we have measured.

What shoe size you need can differ per brand. This is because certain brands wear larger or smaller. To help you get the perfect fit, we've also classified the shoes as narrow, average, or wide fit. Read all about it in our blog!
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5 / 5

Ik zou ze kopen

- Dick 16 March 2021

Mooie, goedzittende schoen die zonder drukpunten strak aan te trekken is.

Pros & Cons

smalle zool, daardoor wat wankel bij het staan

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Type of shoe Top class Middle class Middle class Middle class
Pedal type 2-point mount 2-point mount 2-point mount 2-point mount
Shoe Width Medium / Narrow Medium Wide / Medium / Narrow Medium
Type of closure Dial Dial Dial Dial
Sole Stiffness Rigid Moderate Moderate Moderate
What is your foot length in mm? 257 mm / 263 mm / 269 mm / 276 mm / 282 mm 238 mm / 245 mm / 252 mm / 259 mm / 266 mm / 273 mm / 280 mm / 287 mm / 294 mm 257 mm / 263 mm / 269 mm / 276 mm / 282 mm / 288 mm / 294 mm 238 mm / 245 mm / 252 mm / 259 mm / 266 mm / 273 mm / 280 mm / 287 mm / 294 mm / 301 mm
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