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Calobra Iza Comfort W

Calobra Iza Comfort W
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4 / 5

Lovely warm jacket at a decent price

- Diana, 12 January, 2024

I have now tested this jacket for about 10 rides in temperatures ranging from 10 to 0 degrees. Both 100km+ gravel rides and commuting. All times I have worn this jacket with a merino wool long-sleeved undershirt. I personally find that an undershirt determines 60% of how hot or cold you are. 40% is determined by the jacket. I first ordered the M but found it much too tight on the hips. Even the L was still quite tight on the hips. You feel this partly because the band is not very wide but after a while you no longer notice it. Sleeves are nice and long, easy to put on or over your gloves. Well windproof, therefore nice and warm. Arms do feel a little colder than my body at the start, but if you are warm from exertion it is fine. I did feel that the good warmth in the jacket made me sweat more. My other favourite winter jacket has two zips in the front, allowing for better ventilation and less sweat. When it rains, the jacket soaks up rain. All in all, a very nice winter jacket for a very decent price.

Pros & Cons

Good sleeve length
Really warm
Spacious pockets
soaks up water
Tight narrow bottom hem
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