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4iiii Viiiiva HRM ANT+ to BT Bridge

4iiii Viiiiva HRM ANT+ to BT Bridge
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bad at zwift

- Ynze de Jong, 23 November, 2020

firstly that there are still no zwift maps, bought tacx in October so don't have a working zwift now, secondly: with zwift the 4iii is not always recognised and I just went back to my garmin strap

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2 / 5

problem with app

- Filip, 3 November, 2020

I have owned the heart rate monitor for about a month now. From the beginning, I could not download my data to the viiiva app. Contacted at mantle and they told me to contact at viiiva. 1st mail, I had to reset the heart rate monitor and reinstall everything 2nd mail ( had this in reply) This has been confirmed as a bug with our app and Android 11 that affects file storage. We will be implementing an app fix in the next update due to be released in the next couple of weeks. Please keep an eye out for this update to resolve the issue. If possible, try to download via an older generation Android or iOS phne. viiiva always responds quickly to your emails. A disappointment in the app that this takes about 2 months to resolve. The heart rate monitor works well. A good communication with garmin.

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