Mini Pumps


Once you're underway, a pump will probably be required at some point. A well-functioning mini pump with sufficient pressure build-up comes in handy at such times. Apart from a hand pump, you can also opt for the CO2 cartridge pump, which inflates your tyre to the right pressure. Even mountain bikes with Tubeless tyres can be fitted on the rim. Remember to take some spare cartridges with you!

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Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini Pump
178,50 From 153,50

SKS AirBoy CO2 Mini Pump
156,40 From 135,40

Giant Control Mini Pump
133,80 67,60

SKS Raceday Mini Pump
80,40 72,10

Trivio Blizzard Mini Pump
102,70 85,70

Topeak Hybrid Rocket HP Mini Pump
223,20 From 194,20