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A bike helmet provides extra safety on your bike. There are bike helmets for every type of cyclist. For road cyclists and mountain bikers, there is a wide choice of bike helmets. From aerodynamic road bike helmets for fast cyclists to full face MTB helmets for downhill mountain bikers. There are also special speedpedelec and e-bike helmets for electric bikes. With a helmet, you bike safely on the increasingly busy cycle paths.

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Abus GameChanger 2.0 Road Bike Helmet

RRP 1098,10
Our choice for an aero helmet.

Abus Urban-I 3.0

RRP 439,10

Lazer Genesis MIPS Road Bike Helmet

RRP 1050,00
From 777,90
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Abus Hyban 2.0

RRP 351,30

Abus Pedelec 2.0 ACE Helmet

RRP 1010,30
From 889,00

Abus Aventor Helmet

RRP 614,90

Abus Aduro 3.0

RRP 351,30

Fox Racing Rampage Helmet

RRP 702,70

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Wearing a bike helmet is a completely normal phenomenon these days. Where in the past people might joke about such a silly thing on your head, now you're the odd one out if you're not wearing one! A road bike helmet or MTB helmet protects your head by absorbing part of the energy released in a fall. This is why you should always replace your helmet after a crash! Sometimes it is not visible to the naked eye that the helmet has done its job and has incurred internal damage. If you should fall again, it might not be able to offer the same protection as expected.

What types of bike helmets are there?

A bike helmet covers a rather broad spectrum because there are many different types of bikes for which you may need one. These are the types of bike helmets in our assortment: There is no really big difference between men's and women's bike helmets. In general, women have a smaller head, so they can simply choose a smaller size. The bottom line is that there is a suitable helmet for everyone. So, ladies and gentlemen, check out our assortment and buy your new cycling helmet here!

What is a good bike helmet?

A good bike helmet ticks all your boxes. First of all, of course, it is important that your helmet provides safety features. Secondly, you may want your helmet to look attractive. Which bicycle helmet suits you best, depends partly on the brand. There are many major brands that produce bike helmets, such as:
It doesn't really matter which brand of bike helmet you have, as all cycling helmets sold at Mantel comply with the European bike helmets safety standard. And the very youngest can also go out safely with a bike helmet. One more safe child = one less concerned parent; it's a win-win situation! At Mantel you can always find the best bike helmet.

What is special about an MTB helmet?

A mountain bike helmet -or MTB helmet- offers a somewhat different functionality than a road cycling helmet. The shape of the helmet differs in some ways. The temples are usually covered more for protection against branches and other objects. Also, a mountain bike helmet usually includes a visor, but such a visor is not the same as in a regular helmet with a visor. In an MTB helmet, the visor is a flap above the eyes intended to keep branches out of your eyes. As the visor is often removable, mountain bike helmets are suitable for use on the road as well. Popular MTB bike helmet brands are:
A mountain bike helmet does not have to be used for mountain biking alone. Most MTB helmets are suitable for a wide range of uses.

What is a full face helmet?

The full face helmet is used in downhill mountain biking. As falling is an inherent part of downhill mountain biking, this extra protection is very welcome! Due to the high speeds at which you ride, slightly different designs are required. The full face downhill helmet covers the entire face, so that your jaw is also protected. Well-known manufacturers of full face helmets are Bell and SixSixOne.

How is an MTB helmet different from a road bike helmet?

Road bike helmets are similar to their off-road counterparts in many ways, but tend to have a somewhat different shape. Also, road bike helmets do not have a visor and usually weigh less. Wearing a road bike helmet became mandatory in the pro peloton in 2003, and ever since its use among amateurs and recreational riders has increased enormously, which we applaud. Road bike helmets can be divided into two categories: lightweight & optimally ventilated helmets, and faster aerodynamic helmets. The well-ventilated helmets for road cyclists are ideal if you're going out for a high-intensity ride on a hot day, when the large openings allow the heat from your head to escape and cool air to find its way in.

How can I best protect my child on a bike?

The youngest ones can also go out on a bike and be well protected with a kids bike helmet or baby helmet. Accidents can happen in a flash, and a children's bike helmet can make a big difference in how serious the consequences can be. There is something for everyone: from a simple, cool black helmet to a cheerful and colourful one; plenty to choose from for kids!

What is a MIPS bike helmet?

A MIPS bike helmet consists of a low-friction interlayer with elastic attachments between the EPS lining and the padding. It allows the helmet to move slightly (slide and rotate) in relation to the head to absorb the lateral and rotational forces involved in a fall. This is how helmets with and without MIPS differ; those without MIPS only absorb the blow through compression of the EPS lining. So if you want to be sure you're wearing a safe bike helmet, go for a MIPS bike helmet.