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Bike Electronics

Bike electronics play an increasingly important role for road cyclists and mountain bikers. Power meters, bike navigation, bike computers, sports watches, and even action cameras are all listed under bike electronics. Another important category is bike lights, because standing out in the dark is essential for bike safety. Of course, we also offer various sensors, such as cadence sensors and heart rate monitors, enabling you to keep track of your performance.
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Bike Electronics

Bike electronics have become an integral part of cycling for many mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. Power meters and cycling computers in various shapes and sizes used to be an unusual sight. These days, that’s completely different. These items combined with a proper heart rate monitor and cadence sensors are becoming increasingly commonplace on the bike. All of these advanced bike electronics help both amateurs and pros to become a little faster every ride. Unsurprisingly, those rides are then swiftly uploaded to Strava.

Cycling computers and GPS cycling computers

With a proper Cycling computer or GPS

Sports watches for cyclists

A relatively new and increasingly popular group within the world of bike electronics are sports watches. These days, they offer you almost the same level of functionality as the very best cycling computers. Even GPS navigation is available on the high-end sports watches. You’ll no longer need a cycling computer on your handlebars, but just wear one on your wrist instead. Some sports watches have an integrated heart rate monitor which means you no longer need to wear a heart rate strap on your chest. More often than not, you can also effortlessly pair your power meter and cadence sensor as well.

Sensors for cycling computers and GPS

With the right sensors, you’ll be able to see your exact current speed, at which heart rate you are, how much power you’re putting down, and with which cadence. Sensors are also used to do highly targeted training with. If you know what your body can do, you’ll be able to make more progress using the right training plan. Particularly when you’re becoming a more and more serious athlete, sensors are a great way to keep track of your progress. You can perfectly adjust your training effort to your performance level and prevent yourself from overloading or overtraining yourself.

Power meters

Power meters were, up to very recently, really only used by the pro peloton. Now that the technology is becoming less and less expensive, these highly advanced cycling sensors have become interesting to the enthusiastic amateur cyclist. A power meter for your road bike or mountain bike can tell you exactly how much power you’re putting out, right down to within a few Watts. A power meter is the most exact method for keeping track of your power and progress on the bike.

Bike lights

Having a set of proper bike lights has become commonplace among cyclists. On your city bike, being seen is essential. Having bike lights which are long lasting is important in that case. Looking for bike lights for your road bike or mountain bike? Then you’ll probably need more powerful bike lights. Mountain bikers and road cyclists will need a wider beam during a night ride so they can better see their surroundings. These bike lights are also often more powerful. This does mean the battery doesn’t last as long, requiring you to recharge them frequently.

Action cameras

Recording a challenging descend on your mountain bike using an action cam isn’t just fun, it’s useful as well. You’ll be able to analyse exactly where on the course you’re losing precious time. Being able to review that insane jump is great as well of course. Ever since action cameras became available a few years ago, you’re seeing them more and more, particularly with the previously mentioned group of mountain bikers. The most advanced cameras can be paired to your sensors. This allows you to review your ride and see at what heart rate you took that tricky and spectacular set of corners.

Batteries for bike electronics

All of that equipment requires power. Do you spend long days in the saddle? Then you might want to bring spare batteries on your ride. When you’re looking for a new device, take into consideration how easy it is to replace the battery on the road. It’s convenient to be able to replace the battery in 30 seconds and just get on with your ride.

Our bike electronics brands

Our bike electronics category is a large group of products with plenty of choice. We carry bike electronics by brands such as Garmin, GoPro, Polar, Lezyne, Stages, Mio, Bryton and Wahoo. Plenty of choice then, whether you’re looking for a new power meter or a new cycling computer!