Tacx Neo 2 Smart T2850 Direct Drive Turbo Trainer

Tacx Neo 2 Smart T2850 Direct Drive Turbo Trainer
Free Tacx Trainer Mat T2918 Rollable
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The Tacx NEO 2 Smart bike trainer is the quietest, most realistic and most precise Tacx bike trainer. The Tacx NEO 2 Smart has a completely renewed chipset so that the powerful engine on the Tacx Neo 2 turbo trainer changes resistance even more smoothly and can react even better to the virtual terrain. With a maximum power of 2200 watts and a maximum gradient of 25 percent, it's time to go completely crazy up in your attic room!

Tacx Neo 2 bike trainer's unique features

The Tacx Neo 2 smart trainer has a couple of unique features that make cycling on a bike trainer even more realistic. Thanks to 'Road Feel' a strip of cobblestones really feels that way. The Tacx Neo 2 actually vibrates along to simulate the road surface.

And thanks to descent simulation, a descentwill really feel like a descent. The Neo 2 trainer literally gives you an extra push when you descend. The bike then works with you and accelerates for you.

Virtual training with the Tacx Neo 2

The Tacx NEO 2 Smart is ideal for athletes who are looking for optimal training support. Do you want to get the most out of each bike training? Then the Tacx NEO 2 is perfectly suited for that purpose.

In addition to the realistic cycling experience, the NEO 2 also has a number of useful training functions. For example, the NEO 2 Smart features pedal stroke analysis. This function allows you to map out your pedal revolutions.

Connect your Tacx NEO 2 bike trainer with the Tacx Software and you can see exactly how much power you exert in which pedal phase. This allows you to fine-tune the power transmission and optimise your cycling performance. The cadence measurement on the left and right side ensures that you get the most out of every revolution.

Of course the Tacx NEO 2 Smart is an interactive bike trainer. Your speed, cadence and power are measured precisely and the NEO 2 can be fully controlled by the Tacx software and 3rd party apps such as Zwift. With ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart the bike trainer easily connects to computers, smartphones and tablets. This allows you to enjoy the virtual world of cycling and train with the support of your favourite training applications.


Road Feel
Experience the vibrating sensation of cycling over pebbles, gravel and other surfaces. This feature works with Tacx Films and Zwift. Experience the exhilarating sensation of accelerating downhill with the Downhill Simulation. With the NEO 2 Smart you experience this unique feeling.

Dynamic inertia
Thanks to dynamic inertia, cycling is more realistic than ever. Unlike a flywheel, dynamic inertia compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination. Reality has never been equalled like this before.

Pedal stroke analysis
This feature maps out your pedal rotations. By placing a detection sensor on both the left and right side, the Neo 2 can determine the exact position of both legs. This allows the bike trainer to create a detailed and accurate overview of your pedal rotation, enabling you to get even more out of your power transfer and cycling performance. Link your Tacx Neo 2 turbo trainer to the Tacx Software and you will see exactly how much power you exert in which pedal phase.

Self-sufficient in power
The Neo 2 Smart does not require a power source. Instead it can generate its own power while cycling. This allows you to train whenever and wherever you want, such as on holiday or at a training camp.

The Neo 2 Smart connects wirelessly to other devices via ANT+ and Bluetooth, so that you can use the Neo 2 with your favourite training applications. The LED indicators on the side show when the turbo trainer is connected to another device via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart.

The Neo 2 Smart requires no maintenance or calibration. You can start training right away.

Flexible and foldable frame
The frame of the Neo 2 Smart can move a few degrees to the left and right. It follows the natural movement of the body, which ensures an even better cycling experience. In addition, the frame is easy to fold and transport thanks to the two handles: ideal if you want to take the Tacx with you.

Stand alone training
The Smart electronics also make it possible to train without the use of software or programmes. The resistance is simulated by a progressive resistance curve: as you cycle faster, the resistance increases.

• Box dimensions: 67 x 48 x 25 cm
• Product dimensions: 57.5 x 75 x 55 cm
• Folded dimensions: 62 x 26 x 44 cm
• Weight: 24.8 kg


To be used with the Tacx Desktop app and 3rd party apps/software like ZWIFT, Kinomap, Bkool and VirtualTrainer.

Tacx Desktop app
To support your training sessions and improve your condition, Tacx has developed an app with the Tacx training software you are used to. In the free features, you can create your own training sessions and cycle freely, but not yet with Tacx films or in a virtual reality environment. Besides creating training sessions, you can analyse your data, you have access to a dashboard with statistics, you can export data to Garmin Connect or Strava and you can follow your friends. With the Tacx Utility App you can also easily update the firmware to the most recent version. This way you will always have the latest version, with the latest improvements and functions. You will be notified as soon as a new update is available.

Compatibility Tacx Desktop app
• Apple iPad 3 and higher (via Bluetooth Smart)
• Apple iPhone 4s and higher (via Bluetooth Smart)
• Apple iPod touch 5
• Android version 4.3 and above
• Devices without Bluetooth Smart require an ANT+ dongle

Which cassettes are compatible with this Tacx?
Shimano cassette:
8-Speed All Models
9-Speed All Models
10-Speed All Models
11-Speed All Models
12-Speed Micro Spline Body needed

SRAM cassette:
8-Speed All Models
9-Speed All Models
10-Speed All Models
11-Speed All Models
12-Speed SRAM XD-r Body needed

Which cassettes are not compatible with this Tacx?
Campagnolo cassette:
All models

Do you have a Campagnolo cassette? With this body it is possible to place your Campagnolo cassette. Easy to assemble in 3 steps with a 5 millimeter Allen key.

Delivery includes

• NEO 2 Smart bike trainer
• Power adapter
• Power Cable
• Quick release quick-release skewer (5 mm)
• 142 x 12 mm Adapter set
• Assembly set
• Manual
• Skyliner

Please note: Cassette not included!


Mounting with special tools
To assemble and disassemble this cassette you will need specific cassette tools. These can be found here.

User tips

If you need to purchase a cassette for the trainer, first check on your bike at home how many gears your cassette has and possibly also the teeth, so that you know what you need. For example : 11-25 or 11-28 and so on.

Would you like to convert the trainer to 12-speed for Sram XD or XD-R? Then you need to purchase this body.
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Most recent reviews

5 / 5

Binnen trainen wordt eindelijk plezant.

- Albert 29 March 2022

De trainer voldoet volledig aan mijn verwachtingen.

Pros & Cons

Bijna echt buiten fietsen
Goed bergop en bergaf simulatie
heel stil

5 / 5

Topproduct om conditie ook in de winter op peil te houden

- Luuk 30 January 2022

Nog fijnere en betere trainer om inde winter of bij slecht weer te kunnen trainen of virtuele tochten te maken met de mooie films van Garmin.

Pros & Cons

Eenvoudig in gebruik
Weggevoel is leuke extra optie
Zeer realistisch klimmen
Niet echt goedkoop

3 / 5

Degelijk maar duur.

- Harold 31 December 2021

Gemonteerd verpakt, dus na het monteren van de cassette startklaar! Helaas geen handleiding van Tacx app, dus nog niet alle functionaliteiten zijn bekend. Sprinten (staand) is bijna onmogelijk vanwege ontbreken van rubber dempers. Ik heb het "smart" nog niet echt ontdekt aan deze trainer.

Pros & Cons

Gemonteerd geleverd
Verschillende adapters voor verschillende assen
Zwaar en degelijk
Geen zijdemping (voor het sprinten)
Niet zo stil als ik gehoopt had

5 / 5

Het gebruik van de Neo 2 smart T2850 overtreft mijn verwachting. Top

- Joris 14 December 2021

Voldoet meer dan ik had verwacht. Ik had een genius smart, maar deze Neo 2 smart is van een zeer hoog niveau in vergelijking. Met 10 minuten na installatie zat ik op de fiets. Een Compliment aan Mantel is ook op z’n plaats omdat ik eerst geïnformeerd heb en zij precies konden aangeven wat het verschil was tussen de T2850 en de T 2875. Voor mij duidelijk dat ik voldoende had aan de T2850. Ik fiets er nu 3 weken gemiddeld 3 maal per week op. Voldoende keuze in de premium voor de trainingen die ik nodig heb om in de zomer Le Marmotte te kunnen fietsen. Top simulatie die goed overeen komt met de echte ritten in de Alpen. Zeker aanrader voor fietsers die (nog) twijfelen over de aanschaf van een indoor trainer. Doen, je zult er geen spijt van krijgen.

Pros & Cons

Nauwkeurig weergave wattage
Premium Tacx voor elk wat wils
Uitpakken, installeren en fietsen
Zonder te moeten kalibreren
Nog niet ontdekt

5 / 5

Super aankoop

- Willem 14 December 2021

Ik had eerst een tacx genius en die maak erg veel herrie en de band slipte door als je aan het klimmen was maar deze is mooi stil en is net echt als je aan het klimmen bent

Pros & Cons

Makkelijk te installeren
Net echt
Super stil
Je moet een sterke computer hebben

All specifications


Direct Drive
Brake Type
Motor brake
Mains current needed
Model Year

Trainer specifications

Adjustable resistance
Yes, software controlled
Maximum Hill Incline
Maximum Resistance
2200 Watt


Interactive turbo trainer
Data Transfer
Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ / ANT+ FE-C
Available software
Tacx Desktop App / Zwift / The Sufferfest / Rouvy / FulGaz / Kinomap / TrainerRoad / Bkool Indoor / Skuga / GoldenCheetah / PerfPro Studio / Velo Reality
Connector plug
Including Zwift Subscription


Wheel Size
26 inch (650c) / 28 inch (700c) / 27.5 inch (650b) / 29 inch


Compatible with Shimano
8-speed / 9-speed / 10-speed / 11-speed / 12-speed*
Compatible with SRAM
8-speed / 9-speed / 10-speed / 11-speed / 12-speed*
Compatible with Campagnolo (freehub body required)
9-speed / 10-speed / 11-speed / 12-speed
Suitable for type of cassette
Shimano / SRAM
Cassette included
Compatibility with axles
130 x 5 mm / 135 x 5 mm / 142 x 12 mm / 148 x 12 mm
Compatible with disc brakes