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Gazelle Double Pannier

Gazelle Double Pannier
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3 / 5

Not worth money.

- Kim, 13 October, 2023

Does not meet my expectations.

Pros & Cons

Easy mik system
Nice look.
Are not waterproof, 1 big shower, everything wet
Price-quality is not right
With use, goes between my spokes anyway
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3 / 5

Beautiful, convenient and yet disappointing

- GB, 6 July, 2023

Nice bag, convenient system (click onto your carrier if it is suitable), good quality. Still, I find the bag disappointing: the MIK system is prone to theft, as you can detach the bag with your finger. Lots of space often also means more weight. So when you have to lug around a full bag, you only realise that the bag carries awkwardly (no shoulder strap). And the closures almost never stay closed.

Pros & Cons

Beautiful quality
Easy system
Lots of space
Closures often open by themselves
MIK luggage carrier (plate) needed
Prone to theft
Quite expensive
Rather awkward to carry
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3 / 5

Nicely licked handy but unfortunately not a bit water tight.

- Tjamke, 25 September, 2022

Gazelle is well regarded. But that everything would get so wet. Pff. Would I choose them again. No.

Pros & Cons

Look nice
MIK system works well
Your heels don't touch the bags
The panniers fade
Thought will be something waterproof. But unfortunately
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3 / 5

Top bag

- C., 26 February, 2022

Bag is sturdy and has a nice uistration.

Pros & Cons

Side you can easily take a bottle of drink with you
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