Fizik Arione R3 Versus Saddle

Fizik Arione R3 Versus Saddle
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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Fizik Arione R3 Versus saddle has been further optimised for 2018. The design has been carefully reviewed and made much more comfortable by introducing more flexibility into the shell, and vibrations are filtered out. A Comfort Core foam layer underneath the neat, durable Microtex casing provides comfort, enhanced by the full comfort channel that reduces pressure on the rider's sensitive soft tissue, and ensures that all of the weight is supported adequately across the seat surface. Like all other fi'zi: Arione R3 Versus Evo is light and flexible. Arione R3 Versus Evo has a carbon fibre reinforced nylon scale composite shell - with Wing Flex technology that allows flexibility.

Made for Snake riders according to Fizik. Snake riders have high body flexibility and no pelvic rotation while pedalling. The Arione is longer than any other fi'zi:k saddle, flat from nose to tail and with a narrow nose, so you can move back and forth to find your optimal power transmission.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a flat rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who remain stationary on their saddle while they ride and whose hips don’t rock from side to side at all. The flat shape provides more support than a round saddle would for these riders.

This is a completely flat saddle which provides you with plenty of freedom to move around. The shape is suitable for riders with a high degree of flexibility in their spine. People with a flexible spine have little trouble rotating their pelvis, meaning they need little to no support to get into the proper cycling position.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure on their behind.


K:ium rail
The Kium rail is made of an aluminium alloy and ensures a good connection with your seatpost.

Wing Flex Technology
By adding a slight amount of flex to the side panels of the saddle, Fizik has increased the comfort significantly. The Wing Flex technology creates little extra space for your legs, allowing you to put out more power with more ease.

ICS: Integrated Clip System
At the back of the saddle, you can attach a tail light or a saddle bag (comes without light/saddle bag).


• Shell: Carbon-reinforced nylon
• Rail: 7mm k:ium
• Cover: Light Microtex
• Padding: Comfort Core foam
• Weight: 240 grams
• Dimensions: 299x132mm
• Integrated Clip System compatible
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3 / 5


- John 5 August 2020

Although this is quite comfortable, i found myself sliding on the slippery surface which could be an issue in the wet. This may be OK for some but, for me i like a fairly griping surface which gives me more confidence.

Pros & Cons

little padding at rear

5 / 5

Top Zadel

- Mathijs 28 October 2020

Als vervanging van Arione regular. Meteen 75K zonder problemen gereden. Fizik levert kwaliteit

Pros & Cons

scherpe prijs
Zit goed

4 / 5

Super zadel voor de wat langere wielrenner!

- Jon 15 May 2020

Echt een super zadel! Van hoge kwaliteit en het design maakt het mogelijk om in meerdere houdingen te fietsen. Perfect voor een wat langere wielrenner met een middelmatige lenigheid.

Pros & Cons

Inkeping voor comfort

5 / 5

Zeer comfortabel topzadel

- Koen 14 March 2020

Topzadel, zeer tevreden !!

5 / 5

Fijn zadel maar wel even wennen

- Edser 22 May 2019

Mooi uitziend en fijn zadel met veel comfort maar moest wel even wennen na 10 jaar hetzelfde zadel

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Saddle Width 132 mm / 142 mm / Large 142 mm / 152 mm 130 mm / 145 mm 142 mm / 152 mm
Stiffness of saddle shell Better Good Good Best
Seat Bone Width 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 100-114 mm / 115-129 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm
Saddle Type Road Road / Triathlon / Time Trial Road / Triathlon / Time Trial Road / Triathlon / Time Trial
Cutout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cover material Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette
116.90 91.44 98.55 137.18
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