Dynaplug Air Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

Dynaplug Air Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit
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The Dynaplug Air Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit is a tubeless tyre repair kit for mountain bikes and fat bikes. With this repair kit, you can inflate your tubeless tyres in no time. This Dynaplug has a connection for Co2 cartridges. After repairing the puncture, you can immediately inflate the tyre again.

Repairing and getting the tyre ready for use is incredibly simple with this tool. All you have to do is push the mouthpiece through the hole in the flat tyre, open the air valve until the desired pressure is reached, and then pull the tool out of the tyre. In a split second, you can continue your ride with this repair kit.

The repair kit contains two Co2 cartridges (16 grams). One cartridge fills a 26 x 4.6 Fat-bike tyre from 0 to 14 PSI. The cartridge fills an average tubeless mountain bike tyre from 0 to 50 PSI. The tool is compatible with all 12 to 25 grams cartridges.

The kit also comes one with an air hose. With the air hose, you can connect the tool to a Presta valve. This allows you to pump additional Co2 or air into the tyre. With the Dynaplug Air Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit, you'll be back on your bike in no time.

Delivery includes

• 1 Dynaplug Air tool
• 4 Repair plugs
• 1 Co2 cartridges (16 grams)
• 1 air hose with Presta connection
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5 / 5

In 30 sec.

- Vincent 8 September 2018

Lets make America great Again! Jammer dat de Amerikanen een vreemde keuze van leiders heeft, maar dit product made in usa is echt fantastisch. In het bos een leegloper......anti lek haalt het net niet om het gat dicht te krijgen.........dynaplug......10sec pakken.....10 sec het CO2 band hard.......10 sec dynaplug in achterzak......en 45km zonder problemen over een slecht parcours Schoorl verder. Thuis de plug afsnijden en tot op heden nog 100 km gereden. Made in usa GREAT!

Pros & Cons

In 30 sec weer onderweg
Klein formaat/makkelijk op mee te nemen
Made in the USA ;-)