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Sigma ROX 12.1 EVO GPS

Sigma ROX 12.1 EVO GPS
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5 / 5

Good buy!

- Bo, 2 April, 2024

I am very excited about the Rox 12.1 EVO bike computer. It has unlimited screen set-up options and, like the accompanying app, is incredibly user-friendly. The maps are updated via WiFi (at home). The computer has crash detection functionality and provides you with smart notifications. Top turn-by-turn navigation and every conceivable sensor can be linked. Data exchange of activities can be automatically uploaded to the well-known platforms like Strava, Komoot etc. Routes can be easily exported from Komoot, for example, to the device. Only downside I could discover is that the screen does not handle rain very well, but this is solvable by locking the screen and using the buttons. The battery does not last as long as those of the competition, but say honestly who sits on the bike continuously for more than 14 hours? This bike computer actually has all the functionalities you can expect as an avid cyclist these days and can actually do everything the competition (Garmin Edge 1040 or Wahoo Element) can also do, but at a much more friendly price.

Pros & Cons

attractively priced
crash detection
data exchange Strava etc
number of screen adjustment options
Automatic translation

5 / 5

Super happy with this bike computer

- Jer, 18 November, 2023

I was already very fond of the Rox 12.0 only of that the battery life was a downside, as it deteriorated quite quickly. So far, the Rox 12.1 evo performs much better and is still more compact with the same screen size. The Sigma Ride app is very user-friendly and can be connected to the cycle computer via Bluetooth, through this app you can also link Komoot / Strava. Planned routes are easily transferred to the bike computer and, vice versa, route data and statistics of a driven trip are sent to the app. It is also possible to customise the layout of the bike computer in the Sigma Ride app. The ability to put the device into power-saving mode during use is a huge improvement. While navigating you will then get a sound signal and the screen lights up when you approach a turn, when the turn is taken the screen automatically switches off again. This extends battery life should you really need it. Gps works fine, even in the woods, route instructions are clear and easy to read on the large screen. I use it while mountain biking / gravel biking and during (long) trips on the road bike, the device did not let me down and the battery life was still more than sufficient without having to use the power saving mode. The sensors (speed / cadence) from the Rox 12.0, which I still had on the bikes, also work perfectly on this bike computer and are quickly found and paired.

Pros & Cons

Excellent navigation
Extensive layout options
Large screen
not yet found
Automatic translation

5 / 5

Just do it!

- Bo, 26 October, 2023

Easy to operate, easy to read while cycling really great to use. Price presentation ratio couldn't be better.

Automatic translation

4 / 5

Fine bike computer for recreational & sportive cyclist.

- Joh., 20 October, 2023

Having previously owned the Rox 12.0, I have owned the Rox 12.1 for a few weeks now. I have since cycled 450km with it and this is my experience with it: + Lots of sports profiles available + Many layouts available, which you can also set yourself + Linking Ant+ sensors is a piece of cake + GPS signal is quickly found. Even in the house + Excellent navigation + Screen size + Touchscreen responds well + Recalculating to route if you drive "wrong" is very fast + Operation with touchscreen and buttons! + Linking with Komoot and Strava very nice + USB-C connection + Energy-saving mode (useful if you stop a bit longer on the road) + Sigma Ride app - Touchscreen does not feel premium, rather plasticy. - Screen clarity/sharpness is mediocre. Can't match quality of modern smartphone. - During charging you cannot see % charged - No indication that device is 100% charged - Fast charging is not possible. - Rubber cover USB connector hangs loose quickly - Route list in Rox 12.1 becomes unclear if you put in too many routes. - It would be nice if you could sort the route list by Sport profile first and only then by name, distance etc. - Altitude profile gives a picture of the climb, not always accurate - Graphs of rides driven on device are unclear - POI "water points" missing - Dependent on smartphone to transfer routes to device - Carry strap actually just too short to attach easily to your handlebars as an extra safeguard against losses - So far had once that the GPS could not locate where I was exactly (Narrow valley in combination with lots of deciduous forest. Do other GPSs do that better, I don't know). ? Battery: with navigation and 2 ant+ sensors, 14 hours are achievable. Wonder how the battery will perform in 3 years. With the Rox 12.0, the battery deteriorated badly and I couldn't do without a powerbank on rides longer than 3.5 hours.

Pros & Cons

GPS position quickly found
Operation with buttons + touchscreen
Sigma-Ride app
Superb navigation
USB-C connection
Carrying strap a little too short to fit around the handlebar
During charging you do not see % charged
Fast charging not possible
Touchscreen feels plastic
USB connector rubber easily detaches
Automatic translation