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Schwalbe Marathon Mondial

Schwalbe Marathon Mondial
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Fine tyre, just sucks around my WTB rims.

- Jurjen, 13 December, 2021

Fine tyre, and never had a puncture with it either. But I have 2 disadvantages, a big one and a small one. The small disadvantage: the tyre rolls heavily, but I knew that. The big disadvantage: the tyre doesn't fit my WTB rim at all, tyre and rim are no match. This has not been a problem before with any tyre (2x WTB folding tyre, Continental wire tyre), but the Mondial folding tyre seems to have too large a diameter for the rim. 3 pieces tried, but always hassle. Both with changing and riding, because the folding bead doesn't sit nicely in the rim.

Pros & Cons

Leakage resistance
Wear resistance
Not a good marriage with WTB rim
Rolling resistance
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