Lezyne HP Drive Mini Pump

Lezyne HP Drive Mini Pump
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9 / 10

Mikael, 6 November 2019

Heel goed pompje.

Handig te bevestigen achter de bidonhouder. Pomp vlot tot 6,5 bar, perfect voor mij. Voor presta en AV.


  • Pomp vlot
  • Handig te bevestigen
  • Compact

8 / 10

Clas, 26 October 2019

Fits neatly in the rear pocket

Have not had to use it yet but from experience Lezyne pumps are great. One little niggle is that the pump handle doesn’t lock on to the rest of pump in a good way so it can move up while riding (pump in rear pockets). Easily fixed with a little tape though but my old Lezyne pump didn’t ’separate’ like this. The hose is a great feature but don’t forget to always bring a little valve tool with your tube and leaver as the valve can be un-screwed when undoing the pump hose. Just a tip :-)


  • Prisvärd
  • God kvalitet


  • Löst handtag

10 / 10

Martin, 20 February 2019


Habe mir die Lezyne Pumpe jetzt in lang gekauft. Beide Größen sind super in der Handhabung. Die längere ist jedoch effektiver. 7Bar sind kein Problem.


  • Hohes Pumpvolumen
  • Leicht
  • Schlauch zwischen Pumpe und Reifen


  • Ventile werden manchmal mit herausgedreht

10 / 10

Olivier, 24 January 2019

compact en superhandig

Blij dat ik terug een minipompje heb dat superhandig is en waarbij het ventiel van de binnenband niet scheef getrokken wordt, wat wel soms het geval was bij mijn vorige minipomp.

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Type bicycle pump Mini pump Mini pump Mini pump Mini pump
Use Mountain Bike / Road Bike Mountain Bike / Road Bike / City Bike Mountain Bike / Road Bike Mountain Bike
Valve Compatibility Presta / Schrader Presta / Schrader / Dunlop Presta / Schrader Presta / Schrader
Pump Pressure Type High pressure High pressure / High volume High pressure High volume
Mini Pump Type Hand Pump CO₂ Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump
Valve connection With hose Direct mount With hose With hose
23,52 From 22,49 26,59 27,62
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All specifications

Manufacturer specifications

• Compact and lightweight aluminium mini pump
• Fits Presta and Schrader valves
• With ABS Flex Hose for easy connection to the valve
• Includes mounting clips for the frame
• Maximum pump pressure: 8.3 bar or 120 PSI
• Length: 17.0 cm (S), 21.6 cm (M)
• Weight: 77 grams (S), 90 grams (M)
• Colour: Black