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The innovative Lazer Cappuccino Lock locks both your bike and your helmet. The Cappuccino Lock is a number lock: fit it in the buckle of your helmet, turn the numbers and you are the only one that can open it. It has a minimum length and is easy to bring. Don't leave it in the buckle when you're wearing it.

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10 / 10

Carlo, 22 September 2016

Semplice e rapidissimo da usare

Si adatta a tutti i caschi, semplice e rapido da usare, costa pochissimo e consente di legare bici e casco per soste brevi senza dover montare la catena. Prezzo imbattibile


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Manufacturer description

A coffee or beer after a long ride, or a day in the mountains is the perfect way to relax and discuss your performance or the events of that day with your buddies. But where do you leave that helmet?! You can lay it on the table, hang it on your gear or even keep it on your head, but none of those solutions are really ideal. And how do you secure your bike or skis without carrying a lock at all times?

You want to store your helmet somewhere and not have to look over your shoulder every five minutes to check if your bike or skis are still there. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to store your helmet and lock your valuable gear safely at the same time?!

That problem is now solved with the arrival of the Cappuccinolock.

The Cappuccinolock is a revolutionary way to secure your helmet using only your helmet straps. Slide the male part of your buckle into the lock on one side and connect the female part of your buckle on the other side of the lock. Twist the numbers to ensure the lock can’t open and relax while you have your coffee.

Use it to lock your helmet to prevent it from getting stolen or use the helmet straps to secure your helmet and your gear at the same time.

Lock it, roll it, leave it!

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