Giro Ember MIPS Helmet

Giro Ember MIPS Helmet
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Model Year 2019 2017 / 2018 / 2020 2020 2020
Ventilation ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★ ★★★
Road Helmet Type All-round helmet Aero helmet All-round helmet All-round helmet
Helmet Size S / M / 51 - 55 cm S / M / L / 52-56 cm S / M / L / XL / 51 - 55 cm S / M / L / 51 - 55 cm
Colour Black Blue / White / Black / Red Yellow / White / Black / Red Matte White / Matte Black / Matte Red
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All specifications

Detailed product description

MIPS System:
The MIPS System consists of a low friction middle layer between the EPS lining and the padding, which is equipped with elastic fittings. This allows the helmet to move slightly (shift and rotate) relative to the head, which absorbs the lateral and rotational forces that occur during a crash. This is in contrast with a non-MIPS helmet, in which shock absorption is achieved through pressing in the EPS lining.

In-Mold Construction:
The In-Mold Construction combines a sturdy polycarbonate outer shell with a shock-absorbing foam lining on the inside. Due to the fusing process it’s possible to create an efficient ventilation system, which allows the In-Mold helmets to be lighter and more cooling than traditional helmets.

Roc Loc 5:
After more than 2 years of development, Giro introduces the new Roc Loc 5. This cutting-edge fit adjustment system offers a completely unique user experience with unparalleled levels of comfort, stability, adjustability, and weight saving measures. The Roc Loc 5 allows you to adjust the fit, tension, and vertical position of the helmet with a single hand. Tighten the dial a little during a challenging descent, and release a little for a more relaxed fit on a steep climb for instance! Even with all these new features, the Roc Loc 5 is almost 40% lighter than its predecessor, the Roc Loc 4.

Wind Tunnel Ventilation:
Giro helmets were designed with the help of Giro’s Wind Tunnel ventilation system. This system combines active vents with internal exhausts. This combination provides the cyclist with cool, refreshing air on and around their head, while warm and stale air is disposed of. The innovation of these vents turned out to be a huge success. Cyclists were immensely positive about it, they noticed a new air flow around their head which kept them cool!

Manufacturer specifications

• Air FX pads
• Woman series
• Suited for ponytails
• Equipped with MIPS.

• Lightweight, shock-absorbing EPS inner shell
• In-Mold Construction

Fit System
• Roc Loc 5

• 26 vents; designed and engineered with wind tunnel technology

Additional information

Women's Series ™, compact shape, Air FX padding, ponytail compatibility, MIPS equipped