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A bike carrier is a great piece of kit to have around. It allows you to bring your bike(s) on a day trip or holiday. These days, there are plenty of bike carriers which don't need a tow bar for installation. Simply hang the bike off the boot lid, or get one which allows you to attach your bike to the roof, like the Seasucker which uses suction cups. We've got the popular Thule bike racks, but also offer the excellent and universally liked Westfalia carriers. On top of that, we've also got plenty of spare parts and accessories to go with your carrier. So whatever it is you're looking for -2, 3, or 4-bike carriers, a carrier with extra wide gutters for your mountain bike, or fitted with a ramp so you don't have to lift your bike- we've got just the thing for you.

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Thule OutRide 561
151,62 133,17

Thule Wall hanger 9771
55,29 46,06

Thule Frame Adapter 982
30,69 25,57

Thule Loading Ramp 9152
47,09 42,99

Pro User Briljant
106,53 85,01

Thule VeloCompact 2 925
439,64 378,15

Thule EasyFold XT 3 934
845,82 724,85

Thule VeloCompact 3 927
562,61 490,88

XLC Azura Xtra Led 2.0
480,63 460,13

Thule Storage Bag 9311
37,87 35,82