Potenciometro Ciclismo Stages Ultegra R8000 Gen 3 + Dash M50 Bundle

Potenciometro Ciclismo Stages Ultegra R8000 Gen 3 + Dash M50 Bundle
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This combination of the Stages Dash M50 bike computer and the Stages Ultegra R8000 power meter give you everything you need to train in a more targeted way. This bike computer and powermeter work together perfectly to provide the data you need to improve. You can load training schedules that you've created into the Stages Dash M50 or have them created by the M50. These training schedules are based on the wattage that the Stages Ultegra R8000 powermeter has measured. This set will give you all the information you need to cycle faster!

Stages Dash M50

The Stages Dash M50 bike computer is a must-have bike computer when training with a power meter. The Stages Dash M50 bike computer helps you to improve your condition even more. As well as retrieving all your power meter data and showing it in real time, this Stages Dash M50 bike computer also effortlessly navigates you from A to B via turn-by-turn directions. With a battery life of up to 12.5 hours, the Dash M50 never lets you down during your workout or race.

Stages ensures that you can get the best out of yourself with the Dash bike computers. On the 2.25" Everbrite color screen, custom data fields give you a clear overview of all your data while cycling. Power, cadence, speed, heart rate, FTP zone; you always be on top of your performance. To get the maximum out of oneself, good training is essential. This is where Stages comes in. The Stages Dash M50 is already packed with training programs. If that is not enough for you, it is possible to load new training programs via Stages LINK or other 3rd party apps. Loading routes is not the only thing you can do via Stages LINK. Through the app or website you can create an account so that you can accurately analyse all your powermeter data and for example share it with your trainer. In addition, you can set objectives by which a training schedule is determined based on your available training time. For example, you will receive daily emails about which training is scheduled for that day and feedback on completed work outs.

Besides the fact that the Dash M50 is a great training partner, Stages has equipped the bike computer with turn-by-turn navigation. Existing routes can easily be loaded as .GPX or .FIT files. While navigating, instructions are displayed on the screen with clear audio signals and notifications. The Open Street Maps are detailed and easy to read on the M50's colour screen. Are you ready for a coffee stop during your workout? The Dash M50 features Points Of Interests, which means that the map shows useful places such as restaurants.

Stages Ultegra R8000 Powermeter

The Stages Ultegra R8000 power meter fits perfectly on the crankset of the Shimano Ultegra R8000 group kit. The power measurement is done with Stages' 3rd generation power meter. This Stages Ultegra R8000 accurately measures the output (±1.5% deviation) of the left crank arm. Stages 3rd generation is 6 times stronger than its predecessor. Do you want to have your power measured from your right side at a later time? No problem, the Stages R8000 Right power meter can be perfectly combined with the Ultegra R8000 power meter.

The Stages Ultegra R8000 fits perfectly in the Stages Performance Ecosystem combined with the Stages Link software and the Stages Dash bike computer. This power meter is highly water-resistant and has an IPX7 quality mark. Energy is supplied by a cr2032 battery with a service life of about 175 hours.

Accurate power meter

The Stages power meter is highly accurate with a minimal power deviation of ±1.5% and positioned in the left crank arm. Because the unit is pre-assembled in the crank arm, the power meter is very light and small. The crank arm is only a measly 20 grams heavier than the standard arms. This makes the Stages unit the lightest power meter out there, the power meter is 33 up to a shocking 185 grams lighter than the competing powermeters and all that at a favourable price.

Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ Technology

The data transfer takes place via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart technology, which allows almost all bicycle computers to be linked. Firmware upgrades can also easily be done wirelessly from your phone. The cadence is measured wirelessly and without the need for additional sensors, using the internal accelerometer.

Mounting the Stages power meter

Mounting the Shimano Stages Powermeters is quite easy. All you need is a torque wrench and the Shimano TL-FC16 Hollowtech 2 II Crank Cap Tensioning Installation Tool

Please note:
Check if the powermeter is compatible with your frame and/or direct-mount rear brake under your bottom bracket.
You can do this by inserting Allen key 10 between your current crank arm and your frame and/or direct-mount rear brake, as shown in the picture. If this fits everywhere, then this Stages power meter will also fit!

La entrega incluye

Stages Dash M50
• Stages Dash M50 cycle computer
• Aluminium Out-front mount 31.8mm
• Carrying cord and Torx screwdriver
• Micro USB cable
• QuickStart manual

Stages Ultegra R8000 Powermeter
• Stages Ultegra R8000 left crank arm
• Battery
• Two months of free training schedules at
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Stages Ultegra R8000 Gen 3 + Dash M50 Bundle
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Instrucciones Turn by Turn
Función Surprise Me
Puntos de interés
Compatible con
Smartphone / Tableta / Ordenador
Muestra los mensajes del smartphone
Aplicaciones disponibles
Strava / Training Peaks / Stages Link
Live Tracking / Seguimiento en tiempo real
Segmentos en Vivo Strava
Conexión sensores
ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart
Sensor de velocidad
Si, no está incluido
Banda de frencuencia cardíaca
Si, no está incluida
Compatible con Shimano DI2
Visualización de la temperatura
Tamaño de la pantalla
2,2 pulgadas
Resolución de la pantalla
320 x 240 Pixels
Luz de fondo
Pantalla a color
Pantalla táctil
Duración de la batería
12,5 horas
Resistencia al agua
2 años
Carretera / Ciclocross / Grava
Método de medición
Posición de medición
Fuente de alimentación
Compatible con
Tipo de Eje
24 mm (Shimano Hollowtech II)
ANT+ / Bluetooth
la 3a

Información adicional

Stages Ultegra R8000 Powermeter
•±1.5% deviation in measured power
• Suited for Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupsets.
• Just 20 grams increased weigh of the crank arm
• Data transfer via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart
• Internal acceleration sensor for cadence measurement (cadence)
• Automatic Temperature compensation for power measurement
• Wireless firmware upgrade
• Simple zero reset
• Quick assembly: mount the crank arm, connect and go!
• No wires, magnets, tie-wraps or other mounted parts required.
• Left arm only design
• Battery easy to replace without tools.