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POC Kortal MTB Helmet

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POC bike helmets and cycling glasses

POC is a brand that shows fast growth. Where the brand was first looked at oddly because of the rather 'big' helmets, POC is quickly gaining popularity, also with cycling glasses. POC is a brand that needs explanation to show you why you should choose for POC.

The origin of POC

POC is a Swedish company that was founded in 2004 by Stefan Ytterborn. They started out in competitive skiing. When Julia Mancuso won Olympic gold in 2006 with POC clearly visible on her helmet and goggles, POC received an enormous boost.

POC and partnerships

In the meantime, POC can be seen in skiing, snowboarding and various cycling disciplines. For example, since 2014 they have been the sponsor for the helmets and glasses of the Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team. They also partner with the Volvo Car Group for further development in safety and design. Besides being extremely safe on the road, you are also very fast. POC has the WATTS Lab. Here they take a very specialized look how they can optimize the products so that the cyclist goes faster with less energy waste.

Wat have all these technologies to show for themselves in the actual bike helmet?

The POC Octal is POC's most popular road bike bike helmet. When you see it for the first time it takes some getting used to. It looks a bit bigger than the aero helmets you see a lot nowadays. And for a reason. This helmet has extra thick protection at the height of the temples and at the back of the head. In case of a fall, you will be much better protected than the 'regular' helmets currently on the market. The helmet has won an award for being one step ahead of other brands. Despite its rugged looks, you won't compromise on aerodynamics.

Every helmet is tested in the WATTS Lab to make sure it doesn't catch wind while cycling. This way you can cycle faster with the same energy! Because of the large ventilation holes you will have a cool head in the summer and in the winter you can easily place a helmet cap under the helmet. Besides the POC Octal POC has now also introduced the POC Octal X, this is specially made for the mountain bikers among us.

Helmets for mountain bikers

In addition to the POC Octal X, POC has introduced the new Trabec helmet for the mountain bike. A nice addition to the POC Tectal and Tectal Race. The Trabec is a bit lower priced but you still get a very good helmet. The advantage of the Tectal and Trabec helmets is that they are lowered at the back of the head to give you extra protection. Especially useful for the rougher side of cycling, when the chance of hitting a stone or protruding tree stump is greater. With the lowered helmets grant better protection in these cases.

POC cycling glasses

In addition to all those nice helmets, POC also has an ever-growing range of cycling glasses. And you see these glasses more and more often. They are very comfortable and are available in different variations. Just like the bicycle helmets, the glasses are quite large, but the low weight and comfort make it easy to forget they are there. POC is a brand that is growing fast and you will probably hear a lot more about them in the coming years.