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FAQ: Coronavirus

Are you open for repairs and maintenance?

Yes, our superstores & service points are open for repairs and maintenance.

I would like to make an appointment for maintenance / repair work.

You can schedule an appointment online in our workshop planner. Click here for our workshop planner.

In all our stores we follow the recommendations of the RIVM. We pay extra attention to the hygiene of our store and our staff is well-instructed on the subject.

What is the best time to visit the store?

On weekdays, the mornings are quieter than the afternoons.

What do I have to bear in mind as a customer?

  • Are you suffering from a cold, illness or fever? If you have any symptoms, please stay at home and feel free to order products of our website.
When will the product be back in stock?

At present, too few products are produced to meet the demand. This will remain so in the weeks ahead. The best chance of purchasing one is by signing up for the stock notification, but even if you do, when the product is back in stock the demand will still exceed the supply and you may miss out.

Is the delivery date as indicated on the product page correct?

We communicate with our suppliers on a daily basis to provide the best possible indication of the delivery date. However it may occur that an expected delivery changes unexpectedly. In such cases we will change the information on the product page accordingly.

Can I reserve a product in advance?

No, reserving products which are out of stock is not possible.

What can I do if a product I wish to order is out of stock?

You can sign up for the ‘Stock notification’ on the product page. You will then receive an email as soon as the product is available again.

The product was expected to come back in stock but I have not received an email.

For some products, such as turbo trainers and sports bikes, the demand is so great that we cannot send a stock notification to everyone who has signed up for one. We send those emails on the basis of the sign-up date and the number of available products. As soon as the new stock has been sold we stop sending out stock notifications.

I have received your notification but the product is not in stock. How can that be?

For some products we receive many registrations. As a result, when a product is back in stock, it may be sold out again soon.

Does it still make sense to register for the stock notification?

To be honest, the demand for some products is currently much much higher than the number of products currently available and produced by our suppliers. The list of interested parties who register for the 'stock notification' of very popular products, such as a number of sports bikes and bicycle trainers, is getting longer and longer. So if you read this now and want to register, the chance that you will receive a notification from us in the near future is unfortunately small.

Can PostNL deliver my order?

PostNL delivers the parcels in accordance with the hygiene measures as drawn up by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). These include maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres.

Why has the delivery of my parcel been delayed?

These are very busy times for ourselves and our carriers. Nonetheless, most parcels are delivered on time. Check your Track&Trace for the latest information concerning your delivery.

Can I have my parcel delivered to a PostNL pickup point?

Yes, you can. During the ordering process you will see a selection of available PostNL pickup points.

Click here to read the FAQs to PostNL about delivery and pickup.

Will the bike I have ordered still be delivered?

Yes, your bike will definitely be delivered.

How will the bike be delivered?

In consultation with Extra@home we have determined how to provide the best delivery service possible. The Extra@home delivery person will straighten the handlebars and fit the pedals to your bike. They will do this outside and at a proper distance from you.

Is customer services still available?

Our customer service employees are available as usual.

Please note: As our customer service is very busy we may need a little more time before we can help you.

Will my return / warranty request be processed?

The processing of return parcels and warranty requests continues as usual. We will keep you informed of what will happen by email.

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