This is because the demand is greater than the supply. We do not get enough bikes from our suppliers to meet demand.

Since the start of the pandemic, we at Mantel have noticed a huge increase in the demand for road bikes and mountain bikes. After all, cycling is a fun sport (even if we do say so ourselves) that you can do alone and corona-proof. In addition, factories all over the world have been shut down due to local corona measures. As a result, planned productions have been halted at various times and places around the world. This has caused delays in the production of the 2021 and 2022 collections.

Above the blue button, 'Stock Notification', you can see when we expect to have the product in our warehouse again. This is the delivery date we receive from our supplier. As a customer, therefore, you can trust that it is correct.
No, unfortunately we can’t. We take great care putting together our product range, which currently comprises over 12,000 products. This process involves making choices. If it is not on our website, we cannot order it.
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