Gazelle Miss Grace


The Gazelle Miss Grace is a populair bike series from one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the Netherlands. These women's and girls' bicycles have been a regular part of the street scene for years. And of course there is also an electric version of this city bike, the Gazelle Miss Grace HMB.

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Gazelle Miss Grace

Gazelle stands for typically Dutch solidity and reliability. And that is exactly what you can expect from a modern city bike. The whole Gazelle Miss Grace series consists of women's bikes and girls' bikes you can always count on.

Gazelle Miss Grace transport bike

The Gazelle Miss Grace is first and foremost a transport bike. The super solid frame with a front carrier allows you to carry the heaviest loads. Whether you're looking for a mother's or family bike to carry groceries with you or a girl's bike that can carry heavy book bags, the Gazelle Miss Grace can handle it all.

Enough acceleration

Whatever variant of the Miss Grace you're looking for, gears will never be in short supply. Depending on the model you can choose between three or seven speeds. This way you know for sure that you can get up any hill.

Your own bike!

Everybody wants to make their bike their own. Luckily that's no problem with the Miss Grace. You can choose from five different colours and styling. Add to that the fact that you can also mount a basket at the front in the style of your choice, and you'll be sure that your bike is truly unique.

The Electric Gazelle Miss Grace

Those that want a bike with pedal assistance can also choose the e-bike version, the Gazelle Miss Grace HFP. This sturdy powerhouse is equipped with a strong motor. You can choose your own battery and range. And thanks to the 7 speeds you know for sure that you can always pedal at a nice pace.