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Electric Bike Selection Guide

Electric Bike Selection Guide

Electric bikes


An electric bike or e-bike makes cycling easier. Thanks to the pedal assist you can cycle to your destination without having to put in much effort, so that you will still feel fit when you have arrived. If e-bikes do not provide enough speed for you, and you want to get from A to B even faster, then Speed Pedelecs are very suitable. Speed Pedelecs are e-bikes that can go as fast as 45 km/h, which makes them ideal for longer distances and commuting.

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Pegasus Siena E7F Plus
2.649,- From 2.299,-

Gazelle Orange C7+ HMB
2.599,- From 2.399,-

Koga E-Nova Evo PT Pro
From 4.399,-

Gazelle Grenoble C5 Belt HMB
3.599,- From 3.349,-

Koga E-Nova
2.999,- From 2.699,-

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB Connect
3.049,- From 2.799,-

Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ
3.099,- 2.799,-

Koga E-Nova Evo PT
From 3.849,-

Trek Verve+ 3

Gazelle Grenoble C380 HMB
3.599,- From 3.429,-

Sparta a-Shine Energy M8b
2.899,- From 2.699,-

Cannondale Canvas Neo 2
3.899,- 3.499,-

Batavus Velder E-go Power Plus
2.999,- From 2.899,-

Cortina E-U4 RB7 FM
1.849,- From 1.669,-

Cortina E-U4 7V RB
2.399,- From 2.079,-

Pegasus Siena E7F Plus Belt
2.849,- From 2.499,-

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