Oakley Radar EV XS Lens

Oakley Radar EV XS Lens
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Stärken & Schwächen

Stärken & Schwächen

  • Multiple lenses available, making sure you can find a suitable lens for every weather condition.
  • Lenses are easy to swap out.
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Marke Oakley
Glastyp Kontrast
Oakley Glastyp Path



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The Oakley Radar EV XS Lens allow you to swap out your lenses. This is ideal for varying weather, like in Europe. You’ll be properly equipped with these swappable lenses. Are you just feeling like changing the look of your glasses once in a while? Then you can opt for different standard coloured lenses.

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Mögliche Alternative

Oakley Radar EV XS Lens
Oakley Radar EV XS Lens
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Oakley Racing Jacket Linse
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Glastyp Kontrast Standard / Kontrast Selbsttönend / Standard / Polarized / Kontrast / Coating
Oakley Glastyp Path Path / Pitch
Gläserfarbe Prizm Road / Prizm Trail / Prizm Black Persimmon / \ / Prizm Trail / Prizm Road Blau / Braun / Gelb / Grün / Orange / Violett / Rot / Rosa / Weiß / Schwarz
Lichtdurchlässigkeit 11% / 20% / 36% 20% / 36% / 61% / 93% 14% / 17% / 20% / 23 - 69% / 30% / 36% / 40% / 61% / 90% / 93%
69,95 Ab 52,95 Ab 88,46
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HDO stands for High Definition Optics, which in turn refers to the curvature of the lens itself. This curvature matches the natural curve of your eyes, ensuring you’ve always got a crystal clear and distortion-free view.

Plutonite lens material

One of the most optically pure materials used in modern glasses. The material ensures a clear view of what’s ahead and is capable of withstanding almost any impact. The lens filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light frequencies up to 400 nm. There’s no separate coating on the lens. Rather, the lens itself is what offers protection from UV rays.

Prizm lens

The Special Prizm lenses provide an unprecedented regulated light transmission, resulting in an improved colour contrast and improved visibility of objects. The Oakley Prizm lens has a substantial reduction of glare and adjusted light transmittance thanks to the Iridium lens coating.

Type of Oakley Lens

Prizm Road

The Radar EV Prizm Road lens is Oakley’s all-round cycling lens. Its 20% light transmission makes it suited for cycling during sunny as well as cloudy days. The Prizm technology filters the colours you don’t want to see and dull colours become ‘warmer’, which results in better contrast. Your depth perception is what separates the Road lens from the rest. Because of this depth perception, you can more clearly distinguish colours and spot and avoid bumps in the road. It’ll also be easier to discern details, from road markings to fellow road users. Blue skies and green grass become brighter. This ‘enhanced colour’ is much more soothing for your eyes throughout the day. The Radar EV Prizm Road lens is an ideal lens for cycling in all circumstances.

Prizm Trail

The Radar EV Prizm Trail lens is tailored to dark or cloudy circumstances because of its 37% light transmittance. The Prizm filters colours you don’t want to see and turns dull colours into warmer colours, which leads to better colour contrast. Red, green and brown become deeper and clearer compared to other colours, that are repelled more. These colours are most common in forests. This makes it easier for you to distinguish details between dense trees and sandy areas, something which is very common in forests. It also allows you to react faster to obstacles in your way and avoid them. Another benefit of this improved colour is that it is more relaxing for your eyes throughout the day. The Radar EV Prizm Trail is an ideal lens for cycling in dark or cloudy conditions, but can also be used in sunny weather.