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Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Sapphire Fahrradbrille

Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Sapphire Fahrradbrille
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Stärken & Schwächen

Stärken & Schwächen

  • Its signature 'Advancer' lever allows you to regulate the distance between the glasses and your face.
  • Its Brow-less design means it has no top frame, which increases your field of vision.
  • Thanks to its extra temple pieces, you can decide the temple length for a better fit.
  • Despite all its benefits, the Advancer lever looks somewhat out of place.



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The Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm are cycling glasses designed with aerodynamics in mind. Its amazing properties make these the ultimate cycling glasses. While the Jawbreaker series made some bold progress with a wider field of vision, Oakley managed to improve this even further with the Flight Jacket series. This cycling glasses’ ‘open’ top result in a larger field of view than ever before. This Flight Jacket also has better ventilation due to the special Advancer. This is a small lever on the nose piece which you can push forward or backward, creating additional air flows for better cooling. This is great for when you’re riding uphill. This Advancer system ensures you retain the pros of proper cycling glasses, but it’s not stuck to your face to the point that it’ll leave sweat stains on the lens. These cycling glasses come with two different lengths of temple pieces, ensuring a good fit on your head. Are you looking for cycling glasses with unique properties that make it stand out from the competition? Then the Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm are great cycling glasses for you!


Prizm Sapphire

The Flight Jacket Prizm Sapphire lens is suited for sunny and partly overcast days thanks to its 20% light transmittance. The Prizm technology filters colours you don’t want to see and turns dull colours into warmer colours, which leads to better colour contrast. At first glance, the lens seems to have a blue colour, but the Sapphire can ‘change’ colour. It’s no photochromic lens, but when light enters the lens from behind, it looks more pink than blue. This makes its user look through a mellow, comfortable pink lens. The more outside light hits the lens, the bluer it becomes. This gives it a light transmittance of 11% to 20%, which makes it a perfect lens for sunny and slightly overcast weather. The lens primarily picks up and filters blue colours to a more accurate colour waveform. This not only creates a clearer and deeper colour blue, but also red and green. This ‘colour improvement’ is more relaxing for the eyes throughout the day. The Flight Jacket Prizm Sapphire lens is very suited for cyclists that enjoy cycling on sunny days, but don’t want to switch lenses when it gets cloudy.


HDO stands for High Definition Optics, which in turn refers to the curvature of the lens itself. This curvature matches the natural curve of your eyes, ensuring you’ve always got a crystal clear and distortion-free view.

Impact Protection

After decades of innovation, Oakley Performance glasses offer an incredible level of no-compromise protection against high speed impacts and heavy impacts. The protection comes from the use of high-grade materials and the unique Oakley lens/frame design combination.

Fit & Protection

A good fit means better results and protection. The combination of the flexible, durable O-matter material with the Plutonite lenses guarantee maximum protection in all conditions!


Impact resistant frame material that can handle the most extreme of conditions. This material is super light but incredibly durable. Controlled flexibility increases the impact resistance and also helps improve everyday comfort.

Adjustable Temple Lengths

Thanks to the adjustable temple lengths, the Jawbreaker has three settings for the best fit.

Plutonite lens material

One of the most optically pure materials used in modern glasses. The material ensures a clear view of what’s ahead and is capable of withstanding almost any impact. The lens filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light frequencies up to 400 nm. There’s no separate coating on the lens. Rather, the lens itself is what offers protection from UV rays.
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Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Sapphire
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