Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Tape Felgenband

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Tape Felgenband
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Stärken & Schwächen

Stärken & Schwächen

  • Suitable for use on almost all standard rims in combination with tubeless or tubeless ready tyres.
  • Tolerant to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Sealed packaged for optimal retention of adhesive power.
  • The tape is flexible but not stretchable. This makes the tape feel rather stiff, but this improves the adhesive power of the tape.
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With the Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Tape, you can make your rims airtight in seconds. Caffélatex Tubeless Tape easily attaches itself to the internal rim profile. This turns converting your wheelset to tubeless into a piece of cake.

The Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Tape is suited for practically all standard valves in combination with Tubeless or Tubeless Ready tyres.

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User guide:
Ensure the inside of the valve is free from dirt, dust and moisture. You can use alcohol or a similar degreaser for this. Afterwards, thoroughly dry and wipe the rim with a dry cloth (the adhesion is reduced drastically on an alcohol-stained surface). Use one layer of tape for a tyre pressure up to 4 bar and two layers of tape for a tyre pressure up to 8 bar.
Apply the tape:
1. Start applying the tape 2 cm before the valve.
2. Keep pressure onto the tape during application. Ensure the tape first sticks in the middle of the valve and subsequently smooth out the sides. Make sure there’s no lumps or wrinkles under the tape. In the same way, work your way along the entirety of the wheel and stop 2 centimeters after the valve (you’ll have a 4 cm double layer over the valve). Prevent contact between the adhesive surface and fingers to keep the adhesion as strong as possible.
3. Once more, rub a dry cloth on the applied tape and press the sides again. Work your way around the whole tyre circumference again. This ensures a perfect fit of the tape to the rim.
Use a sharp nail or a screwdriver to puncture a hole in the tape for the valve.

Size S: For valves with an external size between 20 and 24 mm
Size M: For valves with an external size between 25 and 29 mm
Size L: For valves with an external size between 30 and 34 mm

Available versions
Size S: 20.5 mm x 8 m
Size M: 25 mm x 8 m
Size L: 29 mm x 8 m


• Easy to use
• Very strong adhesion to the rim
• High-grade tape material
• Tolerates fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
• Sealed packaging for optimal retention of adhesion properties