Shimano Dura Ace R9150 – Everything You Need

The newest Shimano Dura Ace R9150 group can be adjusted as you like. This excellent group is a favourite of many riders, professionals and amateurs. But the real cracks want to go at it themselves and change the group as they wish, of course. Sprint-shifters like Cavendish has, a special set-up for a trip to the Alps? You can fix it yourself. Kees will explain how to do this, and takes a look at the technical hardware and software possibilities.

First of all it is important to determine which basic materials you have. What are the components of this group? For a functioning Dura Ace R9150-group – without any extra’s, you need:

Basic components Shimano Dura Ace R9150

  • Shifters ST-R9150
  • Front derailleur FD-R9150
  • Rear derailleur RD-R9150
  • Internal battery BT-DN110. Or external battery SM-BTR1 (with mount)
  • 3-port Junction EW-90-A
  • 4-port Junction SM-JC41
  • Cables EW-SD50 (6 pieces)
  • Internal battery charger SM-BCR2
  • Tools TL-WE2

Do you want to get more out of your Shimano Dura Ace R9150 group? Then you can change the lot around. You have the following options to expand or to adjust:

Extra components Dura Ace R9150

  • Triathlon/TT brake levers with integrated shifters ST-R9160
  • Triathlon/TT shifters SW-R9160
  • Climbing shifters SW-R9150
  • Sprint shifters SW-R610
  • Front derailleur clampSM-AD91 (34.9mm of 31.8/28.6mm)
  • 5-port Junction EW-90-B
  • 2-port junction in handlebars/frame EW-RS910
  • 3-port junction in handlebar/frame EW-RS911
  • Cable connection piece EW-JC200
  • Bluetooth (Shimano D-fly) connector EW-WU111
  • Y-cables EW-JC130 (three lengths)
  • Grommets SM-GM01 / SM-GM02

The standard set-up

In this standard set-up of the Dura Ace R9150 group gebruik je de volgende onderdelen. In the illustration below the E and F components are optional!

  • Shifters
  • Junction beneath the handlebar SM-EW90-A
  • Junction at the bracket SM-JC41
  • Internal battery BT-DN110
  • Front derailleur
  • Rear derailleur
  • Cables EW-SD50: 2x 350mm of the shifters to the junction beneath the handlebars.
  • 1200mm cable (1x) of the junction underneath the handlebars at the bracket.
  • 600mm cable (1x) of the bracket junction to the battery.
  • 600mm cable (1x) of the bracket junction to the rear derailleur.
  • 350mm cable (1x) of the bracket junction to the front derailleur.

Shimano Dura Ace R9150To connect the shifters with the junction you can replace two 350mm cables with one EW-JC130.

You’ll need the following extras:

  • Grommets – to hide the cables in your frame.
  • Tools TL-WE2 – To mount the cables without damaging.
  • Battery charger SM-BCR2.
  • For frames without welds you need the SM-AD91 clamp.

Updating the groupset and adjusting the shift pattern is easy with your computer and the E-Tube Project by Shimano

2. Bluetooth connection

Updating and adjusting the shift pattern can also be done with an app, you’ll need bluetooth connection. It is most often done by placing the EW-WU111 between the cables.

You’ll then need to replace one of the cables for two shorter ones. The most convenient location is between the SM-EW90 junction and the SM-JC41 bracket junction. It comes outside the frame, and next to the headset. Replace the 1200mm for a 1000mm and a 200mm cable.

Another option would be to replace the SM-EW90 or EW-RS910 junctions with a SC-MT800 display of the Shimano XT M8050 groepset.

The advantage is that the display is a junction, bluetooth connector, and display in one. The cables go directly from your shifters to the display, and then the cable goes directly to the bracket junction.

Updating the Shimano Dura Ace R9150 software

Updating is easy with the E-Tube-Project by Shimano. With this pc programma or with the special app you can update different components and set up the shifting patterns.

Like you can see in the list with extra components, there are more accessories than essentials. Below there are illustrations with the different options and I’ll explain what it entails.

3. Sprint shifters

To be able to shift more easily during sprints you can mount extra shifters on the handlebars. The SW-R610 connects you directly to the shifters. You don’t need extra cables.

4. Climbing shifters

During long climbs you often have your hands on top of the handlebars. To be able to shift from this position you can also mount the climbing shifters SW-R9150. These also have a direct connection to your regular shifters.

Shimano Dura Ace R9150

5. Triathlon

If you use normal shifters and triathlon handlebars to which you mount SW-R9160 shifters, you can connect these to the shifters. Possibly in combination with sprint shifters.

If you also want climbing shifters apart from sprint-, triathlon-, and normal ones, you need to replace the SM-EW90-A junction with an SM-EW90-B junction. This one has 5 ports instead of 3.

6. Time trial

You don’t use normal shifters for the most aerodynamic setup on a time trial bike. You put the ST-R9160 brake lever on your aero handlebars and the SW-R9160 shifters in the front of your TT handlebars. Now you’ll have to use the SM-EW90-B to connect everything.

Shimano Dura Ace R9150

7. Internal Junction

With the R9150 groupset there is also the possibility to replace the SM-EW90-A junction with the internal junction. The big advantage is that the cables are hidden in handlebar or frame.

Shimano Dura Ace R9150However, it is not possible to do with all handlebars, and, at the time of writing, there is onle one frame suitable for this junction. A handlebar with internal cables makes it possible to use this junction.

8. The cable extender

If the cable length is insufficient, then you can also use a 2-port junction. This is the EW-JC200.

9. E-Tube Project

With this programme you can adjust shifting speed, the pattern, the number of gears with one press of the button, and (semi-) Syncroshift. Remember during setting up that it seems as though faster is better. But: the faster, the more inaccurate.

  • Semi-synchronised shifting

Shimano Dura Ace R9150With this option you operate both the front and the rear derailleur. If you shift in front, your rear derailleur also moves. Shifting feels very smooth this way.

    • Synchronised shifting

Shimano Dura Ace R9150Now you only operate the rear derailleur. Your front derailleur shifts automatically but you don’t have to mind that, because the pattern is like mentioned before.

10. For the motorbike riders and you Brits

Motorbike riders have the front brake beneath their right lever, left is the clutch. Cyclists in the Netherlands have the front brake left. Changing the brake is possible, but often t’s not possible to swap the shifting mechanism.
However with the Shimano Dura Ace R9150 it’s possible to swap everything. So the front brake and front derailleur are operated on the right. You can set this up with the E-Tube project.

In short: the Dura Ace R9150 is a versastile group that can be adjust as wished! It asks some research, but setting up a groupset yourself has it advantages.

So do you like to customise your bike, and you know what you’re doing? Then the Shimano Dura Ace R9150 is the perfect group for you. We want to wish you a lot of fun with the whole process.

Kees Neijenhuis

Kees Neijenhuis

Enthusiastic trail runner and mountain biker. I love being outdoors! I also have a weak spot for beautiful products and true craftsmanship. Rides a Trek Top Fuel 9.7 SL 2018.

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