How to Maintain Shimano Cup-Cone Bearings

Shimano has been producing high quality Road and Mountain bike wheels for years. One of the secrets behind this succes is the Cup and Cone bearing. Why? Simple: speed, power transmission, less maintenance, and high durability. In short: unrivalled performance.

Maintenance Shimano Cup and Cone

Maintenance of the cup and cone bearings is a piece of cake. A quick release does all the work. If you put effort in the maintenance, they will last a lifetime. The rolling resistance of well-greased cup and cone bearings is surprisingly low, which only makes you faster.  

Advantages of Shimano Cup and cone bearings

Cup and cone bearings are also called angular contact bearings. This means they can handle both radial loads on straights and axial loads in the corners. This property guarantees optimal strength and an excellent, smooth rotation. The bearing clearance is adjustable. If somebody asks us to give a short definition, we answer: classic, but high-tech at the same time.  

If you want to know how these bearings work: watch this video.

If you want to get on with the maintenance of your bearings, then this video explains everything step by step.

Kees Neijenhuis

Kees Neijenhuis

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