Renewed Schwalbe One Review – Tread with Low Rolling Resistance

The Schwalbe One, from Schwalbe’s most popular tyre series is renewed. The Schwalbe One tyres are provided with the same tread the Schwalbe Pro One tyres also have. On top of that, Schwalbe halted the production of the Ultremo tyre, and the Schwalbe One is its replacement. Read all about it in the Schwalbe One review by Ruurd.

The carcass and compound that has been used in this tyre is the same as the previous version of the Schwalbe One. The V-Guard has been used in this edition as well to prevent punctures. The new version weighs a few grams less because of the tread.

Fitting the Schwalbe One

Last December I was handed a set of 25mm Schwalbe One with the question if I would like to give a review. I mounted them on my winter bike, which went relatively quickly.

Schwalbe One reviewOnce a Grand Prix tyre cost me 15 minutes, but these tyres were ready within two minutes. Only needed to inflate them and I was ready to go.

On the road

Before I had 23mm Schwalbe Luganos on my metal steed. The weather didn’t really allow for many rides last December and January, but I nevertheless managed to cram in some rides, without punctures.

Schwalbe One review The first thing I noticed was that the rolling resistance seemed to have been reduced significantly. Apart from that it was also much more comfortable with the 25mm. The cornering felt, despite the wet and slippery roads, reliable.

4 colours optional

Aesthetically, this is also a fine tyre. There are four colours to choose from: black and the colours of the Dutch (and British) flag: red, white, and blue.

Schwalbe One reviewThe last three colours are added subtly on the sidewalls, so great to match with your bike and/or clothes.

Rolling resistance

The reduced rolling resistance raised some questions: what was my wattage? Perhaps it was a placebo because I know these tyres are new and improved. I did some research, to look at the facts.

Schwalbe One reviewHowever, the new tyres have not been tested extensively yet. Although I read that other users also noticed the low rolling resistance. But because the carcass and compound haven’t changed, you can assume that the performance can hardly differ from the old Schwalbe One.

The previous, slick version of the tyres had, with a 6.9 bar pressure, less rolling resistance than the Continental Grand Prix 4000s II. If this is still the case, remains to be seen….

Schwalbe One review; good tyres, low rolling resistance

Great tyres, low rolling resistance, easy to mount on the rims. There’s also the possibility to choose a colour. The V-Guard did its job during the past (wet) months: 0 flats.

Why they only have seemed to provide the tyre with a tread and nothing else has changed, I’m still wondering.

Ruurd Faas

Ruurd Faas

After having left the catering business, I started down a new road with a study on nutrition and diet. Life = Food. In order to unwind, and to be able to eat even more, I frequently ride my BMC Teammachine and Trek Procaliber. I also work at the MTB department at Mantel.

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