Prescription Cycling Glasses – Which Cycling Glasses are Suitable for Corrective Lenses? [Buyer’s Guide]

Prescription cycling glasses. Great, but which cycling glasses are actually suitable for corrective lenses? Our customer service team is frequently asked this question, and we’ve got to admit that we’re not always entirely sure of all the possibilities of each and every set of glasses. In order to provide you with a little more clarity on which glasses are suitable for riders who wear glasses, we’ve done this extensive write-up on the subject, even listing the cycling glasses which can actually be corrected by your optometrist.

Firstly, there’s a difference between “reader” cycling glasses and glasses to correct your vision. Reader glasses have a small section located at the bottom of the lens to aid your reading.

Fietsbrillen van Oakley en Adidas, sommige met alleen een reader gedeelte, andere zijn compleet multifocaal te slijpen.
Cycling glasses by Oakley and Adidas. Some with just a reader section, others can get a complete multifocal optical correction.

The reader cycling glasses help you see the text and signs on the screen of your cycling computer. The rest of the lens isn’t corrective. This makes them particularly suitable for cyclists who struggle a little with small print but who are fine otherwise.

Een Adidas Fietsbril met insert.
Adidas cycling glasses with insert.

The next few sets of cycling glasses have a corrective factor of between +1.5 and +2.5. The exact corrective factor is something you can select for your glasses of choice.

BBB Cycling Impress Reader

These cycling glasses have a conveniently placed reader section at the bottom of the lens. You have a choice in the corrective factor, offering +1.5, +2, or +2.5. The glasses look sleek in their black guise and come with an extra set of transparent lenses. This extra set of lenses means you’ll be able to head out no matter what the weather, so no more excuses not to ride in the rain.

BBB Cycling Impress PH Reader

The BBB Cycling Impress PH Reader is the photochromic version of the regular Impress Reader. These glasses too feature the reader sections at the bottom of the lens.

The frame of the glasses isn’t all black, but has red legs instead. The great thing about these glasses is that the lenses are photochromic. This means you’ll never have to swap lenses again.

Een van de Oakley fietsbrillen voor fietsdragers
One of the Oakley cycling glasses suitable for prescription lenses.

A photochromic lens changes colour in reaction to changes in ambient light. Sun shining bright? The lens will turn darker to maintain an optimal view of the road ahead, protecting your eyes.

If it’s starting to get slightly overcast, or you find yourself in the shadows of a forest, the lens will turn lighter to give you a clear view. Ideal if you ride your bike year-round in all kinds of conditions.

Which cycling glasses are suitable as prescription glasses?

Besides these two glasses, there are cycling glasses which are intended for cyclists who can’t take to the bike safely without their glasses or lenses. Below are a number of cycling glasses which meet that need.

BBB Select Optic PH

These cycling glasses come as standard with an insert located just behind the lens of the glasses. This insert can be fitted with prescription lenses so you maintain a clear view of the world ahead, without having to wear your regular glasses or contacts.

Een fietsbril is vooral handig als hij de ogen ruimschoots afdekt.
Cycling glasses work particularly well when they offer ample cover to your eyes.

Note that these prescription lenses aren’t included as standard. You can have these made at your own optician. The lens of the cycling glasses is a photochromic lens which automatically adapts to the prevailing weather conditions.

This way, you need just a single pair of cycling glasses. No need to swap lenses anymore. It’s just a matter of getting your lenses made at your local optician then. Once done, you won’t have to worry about whether you can see properly out on the open roads!

Adidas A731 & A779 Optical Insert

Adidas has two different optical inserts available. They aren’t cycling glasses, but just inserts which can be placed into your existing Adidas cycling glasses.

De insert van een Adidas Fietsbril is erg klein.
The insert for Adidas cycling glasses is very small.

You can take the insert to your optician and have prescription lenses made which are then placed in the insert. Place the insert in your cycling glasses, just behind the lens, and you’re good to go.

Omdat de insert er voor gemaakt is klik je hem zo vast in je frame als je de goede insert kiest.
As the insert was made with glasses in mind, you easily click it into the frame of your cycling glasses, provided you’ve picked the right insert of course.

Do you own any of the Adidas cycling glasses listed in the table below? You won’t have to buy yourself expensive new cycling glasses. All you need is the insert and a pair of prescription lenses. We carry two different inserts in our range. Below is a list of which insert works with what Adidas cycling glasses.

What insert works with which Adidas cycling glasses?

Type of glasses?Insert type
Adidas ZonykA779
Adidas Zonyk AeroA779
Adidas Evil Eye EvoA731
Adidas Evil Eye HalfrimA731 / A779
Adidas MaticA779
Adidas SprungA779
Adidas KumacrossA779

Oakley prescription cycling glasses

Good news for Oakley fans among us. The Oakley lenses can be cut to a specific correctional factor at your optician. This is possible for all Oakley lenses, with the exception of the Oakley EV Zero collection.

Prescription cycling glasses - Oakley cycling glasses remain forever popular, even among the wearers of prescription glasses because of the correctable lenses.
Oakley cycling glasses remain forever popular, even among the wearers of prescription glasses because of the correctable lenses.

This is because the lens is attached to the frame, making it impossible to cut the glass for correction. This is however possible with the other Oakley glasses. Simply take them to your optician, who can then work with you to get the right corrective factor.

Mono-focal and multi focal prescription cycling glasses

The Oakley M2 Frame XL, Oakley Radar EV, and Oakley Radar Lock can all be given a correction of between +2 and -5. These can all only be cut to a mono-focal correction, meaning they can’t also have a reader section in the same lens.

A correction of between +2 and -4 shouldn’t be a problem, and various models can even go up to +2 and -5. Glasses with 2 separate lenses, such as the Oakley Racing Jacket, can even be cut for a multi focal prescription.

The immensely popular Oakley Jawbreaker can be optically corrected using lens implants. At the time of writing, this is possible for three of the available lens colours. We’ve been informed that Oakley is currently working on new colours. They hope to have this technology available for the Prizm lenses as well in the autumn.

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