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Road Bike Assembly Manual

Road Bike Assembly FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions from other customers might help you fine-tune your bike, while our various blogs offer additional information on a host of different subjects.

Where are my pedals?

A sportsbike normally comes without pedals. Most manufacturers choose not to supply their bikes with pedals, as most riders have their own preferences when it comes to using a specific clipless pedal system.

If you hadn’t thought about this; don’t worry. You haven’t payed for pedals when you originally purchased your bike.

What pressure should I put in my tyres? (Road)

Check your tyre pressure before every ride or race. If the pressure is too low, you’ll encounter higher rolling resistance, cause more wear on the tyres, and run a higher risk of getting a puncture (snake bite).

The recommended and maximum tyre pressure are often denoted on the side of the tyre in bar or psi (100 psi = 7 bar). A useful rule of thumb for the correct tyre pressure is 1 bar per 10 kg of body weight. Do you weigh 80 kg for example?

Then you need to inflate your tyres to roughly 8 bar. The heavier you are, the more your tyre is compressed. Beware! Do not exceed the maximum tyre pressure. The rule of thumb mentioned above is a suggestion.

The right tyre pressure also depends on the road surface you’ll be riding on; there’s a big difference between cobbles and smooth new tarmac! The desired comfort level and weather conditions should also be taken into consideration.

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