Edco 3Ax Review – Pedals for Cyclists with Knee Issues

Riding your bike should be fun, we’d all agree. Like with any other sport though, problems can on occasion crop up. A frequently heard complaint from road cyclists is knee pain. Pain at the top, pain at the bottom, or pain on the side. The usual advice is to adjust the height and position of your saddle slightly. This doesn’t help everyone though. The new Edco 3Ax pedals have been designed to make knee pain a thing of the past, since they can move on three different axes. Our colleague Gijs tried them out and loved them! Read on for his review of the Edco 3Ax pedals.

Climbing, sprinting, going for an all-out blast or just a gentle cruise. Whatever you do, you’re on your bike and that’s what it’s all about. Naturally, you’ll want to do so pain-free. Since I’m not the only one with knee-issues, I figured it was time to put the Edco 3Ax pedals to the test and share how I got on.

Mile Muncher

Edco 3Ax review- Even the packing material of the Edco 3Ax pedals is nice.
Even the packing material of the Edco 3Ax pedals is nice.

I go through a fair number of tyres during the year, and I’d like to do so with as little physical discomfort as possible (besides the pain you feel after a hard ride, of course!). The setup of my bike and cleats plays an important role in that process.

If you still suffer from issues with your knees despite a proper setup, then Edco has the solution for you with the 3Ax pedals! As I easily suffer from pain in my knees, I got to try out the Edco 3Ax pedals on my road bike.

A more natural cycling motion

Incorrectly adjusted pedals can easily lead to injuries to your legs or knees, and small irritations can become big issues. This prevents you from enjoying your bike to the fullest and without the comfort you’re looking for. Your body often adapts to the bike, which includes your pedals as well.

Edco 3Ax review- The Edco 3Ax is the world’s first clipless pedal which allows your feet to rock side-to-side. It enables your legs to go through a more natural movement at any point during the pedal stroke. It’s a small change which makes a big difference. Curious to see the tech at work? It’s shown neatly in the clip below.

Edco 3Ax Review – Testing!

I’ve fitted the pedals to both my training and racing bike. I train a fair amount and I quickly noticed I was feeling a lot less pain in my knees. Rather than fixating my knees, I felt a sense of relief in them after my rides.

Edco 3Ax review-
Most people won’t be able to spot anything out of the ordinary in the design.

I also felt as if I was riding more smoothly compared to my regular Shimano pedals. It took a little getting used to at first. Things like positioning the cleats, setting up the bike and getting used to the pedals themselves.

Since I wasn’t used to the pedals moving with you, I started to feel discomfort in my calves. In my case, this was probably because I was using different muscles and muscle groups all of a sudden. It did however feel a lot better. More important maybe; they really improved my ride comfort!

Edco 3Ax with Look Cleats

There’s only one cleat system which is compatible with the pedals, and that’s the Look Keo cleat system. This means that if you’re not yet using Look pedals, you’ll need to get used to them as well.

Edco 3Ax review- The Look cleats used by Gijs
The Look cleats used by Gijs.

An advantage is that you’ll now be able to enjoy the possibilities of Look cleats. You’re able to choose between 0, 4.5, or 9 degrees of float on your pedals. A nice addition if you’re already struggling with knee issues.

Setting up the Cleats

It’s important to correctly fit the cleats to your shoes. After all, you want as little friction as possible in your joints as you ride your bike.

My colleague Kees has done an extensive write-up on setting up your cleats.

Edco 3Ax Review: Pro’s and Con’s

I enjoyed my rides for the Edco 3Ax review, and can definitely recommend them to anyone suffering from knee issues. Below are the pro’s as well as a single con I’ve managed to uncover.

  • The extra movement in the pedals allows your knees to move more naturally, preventing issues
  • The pedal uses Look Keo cleats, so you’re able to choose between 0, 4.5, and 9 degrees of float
  • It’s unique! No other pedal offers you this much freedom of movement
  • Heavier than other high-end pedals
Gijs Vierling

Gijs Vierling

Als klantenservice medewerker van Mantel adviseer ik je over het fietsvirus. Het heeft mij al een tijdje te pakken en ik kom er niet meer vanaf. Hoe erger het virus, hoe meer fietsen ik moet hebben. Het liefst berijd ik ze in wedstrijdverband.

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