Craft Cycling Clothing 2017 – Glow for Added Visibility and Comfortable Base Layers

Craft is a frequently seen name this year in the spring classics and grand tours. They’re the official clothing sponsor for the German BORA – Hansgrohe Worldtour team. The Craft-logo will adorn the shoulders and chest of none other than Peter Sagan this season! Our colleague Stefanie will gladly tell you more about the Craft cycling clothing for this season.

Craft cycling clothing is available for both racers and mountain bikers. They stand out each year with their clean, simple clothing line which offers high quality at a great price.

Craft cycling clothing for roadies
Craft cycling clothing for roadies

The same goes for the base layers. If we were to pick the clothing and colours for the 2017 season, then we really like the look of the Craft Verve clothing line which has several great designs.

Craft cycling clothing for mountain bikers
Craft cycling clothing for mountain bikers

Craft Verve Glow Bibshort

The Verve Glow Bibshort is a new addition to the Craft cycling clothing collection. A bibshort for the enthusiastic road racer who often doesn’t get out to train until after sunset.

The bibshort has a so-called “bodymapped” design which applies pressure to the most important muscle groups. The elasticated properties of the bibshort ensure it adapts to the movements of your muscles.

The Craft Verve Bibshort and jersey is a great set which helps you stand out in the dark on these late spring rides.
The Craft Verve Bibshort and jersey is a great set which helps you stand out in the dark on these late spring rides.

The application of this technique (LYCRA) also shows in other models by Craft. The fabric is breathable and, as the rear on the lower back is open as well, will offer excellent ventilation.

The Verve Glow is finished with reflective details which help you stand out in dark conditions. A great bibshort for the enthusiastic roadie!

Craft Verve Rain Jacket

The Craft Verve Rain Jacket is lightweight, fully wind- and water resistant, and highly elasticated. In order to make it fully waterproof, the Verve uses taped-off seams, yet it remains breathable.

Craft Verve Rain cycling clothing
Remain properly visible in rainy conditions.

The orange colour, which is really popular this season, stands out and just oozes summer spirit. No more reasons then to put off that ride in the rain!

Craft Verve Glow Jersey

Part of the Craft Verve clothing series is the Verve Glow Jersey. A bodymapped-design (like with the bibshort) which uses advanced materials.

Nicely placed reflective elements on the back of the Craft Verve Glow Jersey.
Nicely placed reflective elements on the back of the Craft Verve Glow Jersey.

The colour, shape, and reflective details perfectly go with the Verve Glow Bibshort.

Craft Verve cycling clothing
We hope to see the Craft cycling clothing at the front of the peloton from the spring classics right down to the Tour.

You have a choice between the dark set, intended for cyclists who prefer not to ride around in overly loud colours. Alternatively, you get the striking orange of the Verve Rain Jacket.

Craft Cycling Clothing – Base Layers

Wearing a base layer really helps your body to maintain the proper temperature. We loved last year’s Craft Active Extreme 2.0 and we’re glad that this must-have base layer by Craft has been further developed. The shoulders and armpits have been fitted with different fabrics which helps both ventilation and freedom of movement.

Craft Active Extreme cycling clothing
Ventilation where you need it most.

Besides the Active Extreme 2.0, Craft also has the Cool Intensity RN with short sleeves or completely sleeveless. The Craft Cool Intensity RN SS (Short Sleeve) is made using thin, lightweight, and functional polyesters fitted with the unique CoolMax Air technology.

Craft Cool Intensity cycling clothing
Craft Cool Intensity base layer

The fabric of the jersey is made using fibres which offer excellent ventilation and are capable of quickly moving sweat away from your skin. Perfect for high intensity training sessions on warm summer days.

Stefanie Lemmens

Stefanie Lemmens

My love for sports isn't just limited to the bike, though I do enjoy racking up the miles. When I do, I tend to cover them as quickly as I can! My old and trusty road bike gets me through summer, but I'm actually more of a "trend-rider": everything needs to look just right! In the winter, I'm still riding my bike, albeit in an indoor spinning class!

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