Campagnolo Zonda C17

We reported on the new Campagnolo Shamal C17 just last week, and now the Italian component manufacturer has released its smaller -but no less impressive- brother: the Campagnolo Zonda C17. Although you won’t spot these wheels at the start of the Tour or in a spring classic, they have proven to be one of the all-time greats in different respects. For many riders, the Zonda is the go-to trainingwheel when it comes to reliable performance and relatively low weight. The previous iteration of the Zonda was an absolute best-seller, and the latest version is stacking up to be a worthy heir to its legacy!


Many of the Shamal’s technologies have been passed on to the Zonda. An example of this is the Differentiated Rim Height technology: milling away any excess material on the rim between the spoke holes, thereby reducing weight but retaining optimal strength where it really matters. The addition “C17” to the name is something we’ve seen with the Shamal, and refers to the new inner rim width of 17 millimeters. This ensures wider tyres -ranging from 25 to even 28 millimeters- sit flushly on the rim, creating a sleeker match between rim and rubber. The wider tyres are becoming increasingly popular as they offer lower rolling resistance at equal pressure, or more comfort at a lower pressure, than 23 millimeter tyres do.
The hubs use reliable cup-cone bearings and are laced into the wheel with a radial spoke pattern in the front, while using the patented Campagnolo MEGA G3 pattern in the rear. The MEGA G3 method uses twice as many spokes on the drive side of the wheel compared to the non-drive side. The 3-spoke bundles also run parallel to each other, allowing the forces on them to be more evenly distributed, making the wheel handle your power better! The spokes are locked into the rim using Campagnolo’s MoMag technology, meaning there are no spoke holes in the bed of the rim. This negates the need for rim tape, making the wheel lighter and thereby more responsive.

Campagnolo Zonda

The new Campagnolo Zonda C17 wheelset weighs in at 1596 grams, just 100 grams more than its more expensive brother, the Shamal. This once again proves the Zonda is anything but a second-rate wheelset in Campagnolo’s range! The sleek design, excellent performance, solid materials, new rim width and good-looking spoke pattern all make this wheelset an awesome upgrade for any bike, be it as a replacement for your basic wheels, or perhaps as your next go-to training set, allowing you to save your racing wheels for the days you really need them. The Campagnolo Zonda C17 does whatever you need it to!

Bart van Es

Bart van Es

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