Brave the Cold with the Right Winter Bib Tights!

We’re deep in winter’s grip, and every day feels colder than the one before it. Having a pair of proper winter bib tights which offer protection from the cold, wind, and rain is essential. Let’s face it though, looks matter as well. In order to accommodate everyone, we’ve got an extensive range of winter bib tights by various brands. So what works best for you, and how do they all compare? Stefanie explains.

During the winter, you’re frequently faced with rain, snow, wind, and cold. All of these conditions can be faced relatively comfortably with the proper clothing, and let’s be honest: nothing quite beats the feeling of riding outside under the wide open sky!

Preparation is key, as few things are as unpredictable as the British weather. You never really know what you’ll be in for, so a water-repellent or maybe even completely waterproof bib tight might be the smart choice.

Water-repellent and Waterproof Bib Tights

Take the Sportful Fiande Norain Bib tight, for example: they are water-repellent and provide excellent protection from the cold because of the thermal fabric. The knees and back feature an extra layer of Norain-fabric, offering some additional shielding from the cold and wet.


Castelli makes some awesome winter bib tights as wel!
Castelli makes some awesome winter bib tights as wel!

The Castelli Nanoflex Pro Bib tight protects you against the first drops of rain for longer because of the Nanoflex fabric. The lower elements also feature eVent fabric: these parts of the tight often face a lot of spray, so eVent prevents the fabric from becoming completely saturated.

The thighs and rear of the tight have been fitted with an extra layer of Nanoflex fabric, allowing you to enjoy your rain ride for longer!

Windproof Bib Tights

Wind is a common companion on the bike as well, be it a gentle breeze or all-out winter storm. The faster you ride, the more wind becomes a factor. More often than not, it can be a major contributor to feeling cold on the bike. In order to stay warm, you wear a windstopper. This is no different when it comes to winter bib tights.

The Sportful Tour 2 Wind is a perfect tight for these conditions. Sportful developed their own stretchable softshell fabric which keeps the wind out. The stretchability of the fabric means you still have a full range of motion and don’t feel hindered in any way.

The Craft Storm bib tight does what it says on the tin: it allows you to comfortably take on a stormy winter wind, at least when it comes to the cold. You’ll still have to push through it yourself… The Ventair X-Wind panels on the front keep you warm in the cutting wind.

Warm and Insulating Bib Tights

Warm and insulating bib tights will keep your temperature up and protect you from the cold. Feeling cold is personal: one might feel fine, whereas the other is shivering his or her ears off. Fortunately, cold is something you can cope with by dressing yourself accordingly.

Key to fighting cold: layers, particularly for your torso. Using multiple layers offers improved insulation. Additionally, wearing bib tights with a textured liner will help you stay warm.

When you think of wool, you think of warmth, whether we’re talking sweaters, socks, or bib tights. This goes for the DotOut Race Wool as well, which features Merino wool capable of keeping you warm on cold winter days.

On top of that, these tights don’t just have shoulder straps, but actually cover the majority of your torso. Tight and base layer rolled into one then! All with the intention of keeping you warm this winter.

Thermoflex fabric designed to keep you warm and comfortable; who could say no?! The Castelli Velocissimo 3 helps you get through the winter.

Breathable Bib Tights for Optimal Comfort

With exercise comes sweat- it’s just the way our bodies work. Some might sweat a little sooner than others, making breathable clothing all the more important for them. If your clothing isn’t breathable, it’ll slowly become saturated and wet, making you feel cold.

Take the Sportful R&D Bib Tights as an example: these tights use no less than 3 different fabrics. Thermodrytex Double, a 3-layer fleece and polyester fabric. Thermodrytex PL fabric on the thighs and knees, and finally the Thermodrytex Plus fabric on the back panels to offer you optimal flexibility. The combination of all these fabrics ensures sweat is moved away from your skin, keeping you warm and dry!

winter bib tight
The Sportful R&D bib tights

The Castelli Sorpasso bib tights have a mesh back panel attached to the shoulder straps. This offers additional comfort and moves sweat away from your skin, preventing you from getting cold and wet. The best winter bib tights by Castelli, and certainly capable of getting you through the winter!

Don’t get caught out and set out on your rides well-prepared. Not only does it improve your performance, it will make riding through the winter an enjoyable experience, whatever the weather may be. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll make it through the winter comfortably!

Stefanie Lemmens

Stefanie Lemmens

My love for sports isn't just limited to the bike, though I do enjoy racking up the miles. When I do, I tend to cover them as quickly as I can! My old and trusty road bike gets me through summer, but I'm actually more of a "trend-rider": everything needs to look just right! In the winter, I'm still riding my bike, albeit in an indoor spinning class!

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