Ben’s Cycling Wardrobe

Every few weeks Stefanie visits one of our Mantel employees to take a look at their cycling kit. This week: Ben. He is the manager of the MTB sport department in our superstore in Arnhem, and by his own account he is a mountain bike enthusiast with a healthy passion for marathon races. He rides over mountains and through the woods with his trail bike and if he feels like it he brings his tent with him.

It’s obvious you like cycling. Is this also why you started at Mantel?

Yes, my passion for bikes brought me to Mantel. Surrounded by cycling-crazy colleagues, and (a store with the most beautiful bikes) my passion is slowly turning into mania!

This has been some time ago, I believe…

Six years ago I called Mantel with the question if they were looking for a bicycle mechanic. The answer was that they were not only looking for a mechanic, but also a salesman in the store.

Cycling Wardrobe
Ben in action!

This is how I was brought to Mantel. I have learnt a lot the past 6 years. Not only I have grown here, but Mantel as a (web)shop as well.

What is your favourite cycling season?

Although I don’t mind cold, my favourite season is late summer, because the days are long then.

Do you have a favourite cycling clothing brand?

I love the style of Ataquer. This is an exclusive brand and really expensive, so not suitable to cross through the woods, really. That’s why I prefer Craft for function. Vaude, with their green shape design, have nice and sustainable products. That’s why I often wear Vaude.

What are your favourite bib shorts/ shorts?

My favourites are the Vaude Moab Baggy shorts. The reason: they have a nice fit, but also because they were produced environmentally friendly. I also love my Mantel Team Kit by Calobra.

Do you have a favourite jersey or jacket?

My trademarks are my posture, my beard, and my green Vaude jacket (the Fjordan). I bring it everywhere: tours, all mountain, everything, I can always count on it.
Cycling WardrobeIt protects against rain, but it also has excellent ventilation. When I don’t wear the Team Kit, I wear the laidback Rasta kit by Bontrager.

Do you wear a base layer during cycling?

I sport, and sweat, a lot! To prevent yourself from getting cold because of your own sweat, a base layer is important. That’s why I always wear Craft base layers!

Do you have a wish list for cycling clothes?

Water repellent arm and leg warmers by Craft, the Craft Shield.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

A raincoat is always handy to bring along, for times your bike breaks down or you fall down. Then a rain coat prevents you from cooling down fast (also if the weather is nice).

Apart from cycling, are there any other sports that you like?

When I can afford it I like to go snowboarding. For snowboarding I also advise to wear many layers, because that works best against the cold.

Are there any exciting rides on your agenda?

When my back injury allows it, I want to ride marathons again. I’m also going backpacking (for the first time) in Scotland this year. Mountain biking with minimum baggage.

What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been with your bike?

One of the places I would like to go back is Saalback, Austria. MTB heaven in summer!

Which other places/routes/roads are on your wishlist?

I want to go to the birthplace of the mountain bike: America! I also want to go to New Zealand, I have family there as well. It seems like I’m going soon!

Lastly, I would like to ask you what you want to change in our clothing collection.

I miss good mtb gloves, with long fingers, without protection, a good fit, and breathability. I also would like a brand such as Scott.

Cycling Wardrobe
One of Ben’s favourite outfits, with Scott helmet and shoes.

This brand has high quality clothes and nice colours. Scott also makes sure that their products match, for example a road jersey combined with baggy mtb shorts.

This was Ben’s cycling kit

Thanks for the sneak peek in your wardrobe. In 2 weeks I will going to snoop in another Mantel employee’s wardrobe.

Stefanie Lemmens

Stefanie Lemmens

My love for sports isn't just limited to the bike, though I do enjoy racking up the miles. When I do, I tend to cover them as quickly as I can! My old and trusty road bike gets me through summer, but I'm actually more of a "trend-rider": everything needs to look just right! In the winter, I'm still riding my bike, albeit in an indoor spinning class!

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