BBB Cycling cycling glasses buyer’s guide – which glasses to buy?

Looking for new glasses? BBB Cycling have many different glasses, so there’s something for everyone! To clarify things, we made an overview of the BBB Cycling glasses we have in our assortment. Hopefully the choice will be easier and you’ll be cycling with the best glasses on your nose.

Glasses are of course an important part of your outfit. They not only protect against the sun, they also keep out the wind, and perhaps more important, insects from your eyes. So that’s nice! But which are suitable for you?

BBB Cycling Select

The BBB Cycling Select are the most well-known and best-selling glasses in the assortment. Glasses that have been on the market for years, but are still completely up to date. The glasses have replaceable polycarbonate lenses. These glasses come with three lenses of different colours.

Genoeg keuze bij de BBB cycling fietsbrillen
Plenty of choice

Do you want to put different lenses in your glasses anyway? These can be ordered separately, so you can adjust your glasses to your wishes. The lens will always offer 100% protection from UV-radiation.

The nose piece can be adjusted to your nose so they will fit nicely. And if they are worn out, or do you want something different? Replace the earpieces to give them a whole new appearance.

BBB Cycling Summit

The BBB Cycling Summit are available in many different colours so there’s always one that matches your outfit. The glasses come with three different lenses and a hard case.

Sommige modellen van BBB hebben een extra lens
Some BBB models have an extra lens

This way you’re prepared for every type of weather. Using the QuickSnap system you can easily switch the lenses. The ventilation holes in the lens make sure they don’t fog up in the rain.

Added to that, the lenses are provided with a special coating so rain drops easily slide off the lens. This way you don’t have any excuses to not ride in the rain! You can also buy the lenses and accessories separately. We haven’t added those in our assortment, however…

BBB Cycling Impress PH Reader

Also people who wear glasses aren’t forgotten by BBB Cycling. They also called into life the Impress PH Reader. The lenses have an area suitable for reading, the lower half.

Het leesgedeelte is hier goed zichtbaar.
The area for reading is very convenient

This makes it easier to read your cycling computer without having to use your reading glasses. The correction glasses are available with +1.5, +2, and +2.5 corrections.

You ‘just’ get one lens, but that lens is photo chromatic. This means that the lens automatically adapts to the brightness outside. The lighter outside, the darker the lens will be.

Riding in the rain? The lens will be lighter so you can still have good vision. It has a light transmission of 17% up to 85%. So the only thing is that if you’re riding in the sun or during twilight the lens doesn’t have a wide enough range to offer perfect sight.

BBB Cycling KIDS

For the smaller cyclists there is the Kids-edition. These glasses are extra small and narrow, perfect for kids or ladies with a narrow face. The glasses have a polycarbonate lens.

BBB glasses for kids

Unfortunately you can’t choose the lens, there is one ‘smoke’ lens. This lens is quite dark, so the glasses are not completely suitable for a ride in the rain or overcast days.

They come with a case to store them. They are nice, no nonsense glasses for a good price.

There is also an edition with two separate lenses, but those are also only available in ‘smoke’ edition.

BBB Cycling Street

BBB are not only good at cycling glasses, they are also good at cool casual glasses. The Street edition particularly popular with cyclists looking for the ultimate cool look.

BBB Cycling fietsbrillen
BBB Cycling also offer casual glasses

The lenses are of high quality and polarised, so glare is reduced. Perfect if you have to drive home after a tiring ride. This way you can concentrate on other things, by taking away annoying glare.

More BBB Cycling glasses?

If you don’t really like the glasses we looked at in this blog, then do not worry. The BBB Cycling glasses assortment is huge.

BBB Cycling fietsbrillen
Many different colours

Have a look through our webshop for the full collection.

Agnes Ronner

Agnes Ronner

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