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Wearing a helmet has beenwidely accepted (and highly recommended) for several years, but how to fit the helmet exactly? Follow the steps below, and adjust your helmet correctly! 

Step 1: Adjusting your helmet with the dial on the back

It is easy to adjust the helmet with the dial at the back. Most of the times each brand has their own system that is used in a certain price range, and it is often a dial. This makes it easier to tighten or loosen the helmet.

Put it on your head (correctly) and turn the dial to tighten it until it fits tightly around your head. Not as tight that it gives you a headache, though. Test it by bending over and shaking your head, if it doesn’t move much it is tight enough. The dial speaks for itself: righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Step 2: Chin strap

De ear straps on the sides come together below, and can be clicked together with a clasp. The ‘trident’ has a longer strap than the clasp side. This way you can adjust the length of the strap around your chin. Make sure you can put two fingers between your chin and the clasp so you can breathe. Also make sure the elastic strap is around the end, so it doesn’t start flapping in the wind. If you cut the end, burn it with a lighter so it doesn’t fray.

Step 3: Helmet Dividers

The next step is adjusting the dividers, the ear straps. They are often in the completely wrong position when you buy the helmet, but it’s easy to adjust them. Two straps come together to one buckle. This buckle can be moved so it is comfortable for everyone. Open it and put it around 1cm under your ear and close it again. Do this on both sides.

Tip: Make sure you wear a helmet that is the right size, not too small or too large. Make sure your helmet is positioned on your head correctly and doesn’t tilt backwards because you don’t like the lines it leaves on your head or something. If your helmet doesn’t fit, or if it’s not worn properly, wearing a helmet doesn’t have any effect, or hardly any. Wearing a helmet can prevent enormous damage to your head.


Koen Wulterkens

Koen Wulterkens

As an amateur racer, I love mixing it up in the bunch. Whether it's a crit or a classic, I'm in it to win it! This year, besides being a rider myself, I'm also the team manager at the Computron Cycling Team. My weapon of choice for the road is a Felt F1, and I have a Sensa Cyclocross to tear it up in the woods. At Mantel, I'm the product manager for helmets, glasses, and power meters. I'm also responsible for the content you see at

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