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Urban Arrow Electric Bikes

You may have noticed a growing number of Urban Arrow cargo bikes in our streets. With an Urban Arrow cargo bike, taking the kids to school has never been so easy and so much fun! Plus, an electric cargo bike is ideal for transporting groceries, so you can leave your car at home. Urban Arrow bikes are high-quality products, so you can be sure that you're transporting your children in the safest possible way. Our range includes the brand's most popular electric cargo bikes, such as the Urban Arrow Family and the Urban Arrow Cargo Line. Have we got you excited about getting your own Urban Arrow? Go ahead and check out our range of the best models now!
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Urban Arrow Electric Cargo Bikes - The Best Alternative to a Car!

What makes Urban Arrow cargo bikes special?

Urban Arrow cargo bikes are almost impossible to imagine our streets without. Urban Arrow's cargo bikes are not only found in the Netherlands, but over 75,000 of them are currently on the road around the world, spread over 26 countries. Urban Arrow's electric cargo bikes are special because they are made of very high-quality materials and also look sleek and stylish. This has not gone unnoticed by consumers and companies alike. More and more companies are choosing Urban Arrow bikes for delivery services or to get from A to B.

Which Urban Arrow should I choose?

You've made the choice for an Urban Arrow cargo bike. Very good! Yet after this choice, there are many more choices to make. After all, we have several Urban Arrow bikes in our range, such as:

Are the Urban Arrow cargo bikes safe?

Yes! Safety is one of the pillars that is paramount at Urban Arrow. The cargo boxes are made of a kind of sturdy plastic foam, EPP. This material is very strong, allowing it to withstand a lot of impact. As a result, your children are optimally protected on the road. In addition, all Urban Arrow cargo bikes are equipped with straps, allowing you to secure the children safely in the cargo box.