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Safety & Privacy

  1. First name and surname
  2. Address and city
  3. Phone number
  4. Payment details and invoice
  5. IP-adres
  6. E-mail address
  7. Serial numbers

If you buy a product from us online or in one of our stores, we will need, of course, some data from you in order to process it in our administration. The same applies, of course, for sending an invoice, making an appointment in our workshop or making a special order.

First name and surname

Our customers are our bike friends. And friends speak to you with your first name. Your surname is for example for your invoice and the delivery company.

Address and city

We will include your address and place of residence on the invoice. We also use this as your delivery address. You cannot change your address on your invoice afterwards.

Phone number

We only ask for your phone number if we really need it. For example, for a reparation, to call about the costs, to send a text when your bike is ready. Or, for example, if you order a bicycle, the delivery guy contacts you about the time period, so you will know when your bike will be delivered. We only call you when there’s no other way to do so, obviously.

Payment details and invoice

For all our payments we use a secure banking environment. You want your details to be safe. If you pay through transaction, your details will be saved in our administration and linked to your order. This way we know exactly which order is paid.

When you pay online at Mantel, we will send your details, from the secure environment, directly to Adyen. They perform our credit card payments. With this, we will not see your credit card details, Adyen only tells us if the payment succeeded.

When you pay in our stores at one of our cash registers, your payment is processed in our Vendit POS system and linked to our records.

On our invoice you will see the following details: your first name and surname, your address and place of residence, the invoice number and order number. You cannot change your invoice afterwards.

IP address

We remember your IP address, so we can offer all our customers a safe shopping experience.

E-mail address

Your email address is our most important way to communicate. You will receive the confirmation of your order, the delivery information and invoice in your inbox. If you have signed up for a ‘stock notification’, you will receive an email once the product is back in stock.

Serial numbers

We record serial numbers and frame numbers of certain products in our administration. These are convenient identification numbers in case of theft, but also if there is a recall from the manufacturer.

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